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Curriculum Policy Statement of Intent

The rationale for the curriculum delivered in the Trust’s Academies is articulated through its Mission Statement and the Northworthy Pledges. Together, these form a statement of intent, defining an ambitious programme of curriculum provision which extends beyond the confines of the classroom and the normal school day. Responsibilities for curriculum implementation are shared between the Trustee Board and the Headteacher and Local Governing Body of each individual Academy. Part Two of the Curriculum Policy deals with those areas of responsibility which are determined at Academy level.

This school is committed to providing the resources needed to meet the SEN of all students and being openly accountable to their parents/guardians, for more details on the inclusive nature of the curriculum refer to the School’s SEN policy.  

Please see the Curriculum Policy for full details.

Our Curriculum Aims

The curriculum should inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for the future. The Long Eaton School’s aim is to develop a coherent curriculum that builds on young people’s experiences in the primary phase and that helps all young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible global citizens. Specifically, the curriculum should help our students to

  • Be challenged and stretched and to achieve high standards and make good/excellent progress relative to their own ability.
  • Enable those not achieving age-related expectations to close the gap and catch up with their peers.
  • Have and be able to use high quality personal, learning and thinking skills and become independent learners.
  • Have and be able to use high quality functional skills, including key literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.
  • Enjoy and be committed to learning, and have high aspirations for their own futures.
  • Value their learning outside of the curriculum and relate to the taught curriculum.
  • Be resilient, healthy and safe, including online.  

Curriculum Impact

The Long Eaton Schools curriculum will:  
  • Lead to qualifications that are of worth for employers and for entry to higher education.
  • Fulfil statutory requirements.
  • Enable students to fulfil their potential.
  • Meet the needs of young people of all abilities at The Long Eaton School.
  • Provide equal access for all students to a full range of learning experiences beyond statutory guidelines.
  • Prepare students to make informed and appropriate choices at the end of KS3, KS4 and beyond·
  • Help students develop lively, enquiring minds, an ability to question and argue rationally and an ability to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills.
  • Include the following characteristics: breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression, continuity and coherence.
  • Develop teaching styles and approaches which will offer and encourage a variety of learning opportunities.
  • Help students use language, number and technology effectively.
  • Help students live safe and healthy lives, develop personal moral values, respect for religious values and tolerance of other faiths, beliefs and ways of life.
  • Help students understand life in modern Britain and the wider world. 

Curriculum Staffing Structure & Responsibilities

Subject Leadership

Teaching staff are arranged into seven faculties/curriculum teams. Subject areas are allocated to faculties, as shown below:






English Language



Further Maths

English Literature




Media Studies


Religious Education




Health and Social Care



Applied Science







Design Technology

Arts and PE

Languages / Business







Computer Science









Hair and Beauty







Curriculum Structure

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) 

The Year group is split into two bands (E Population and L population). In each band subjects are delivered in 6 blocks as shown below, with the number of groups in each block and number of lessons per fortnight.

The Common Setting contains the below breakdown of subjects.

English – 7 lessons, Humanities – 7 lessons, Science – 6 lessons, Spanish – 3 lessons, Performing Arts – 3 lessons, Art – 2 lessons, ICT – 2 lessons

Within this block, the Life Skills block students are grouped by tutor group. The Languages block enables the delivery of French and Mandarin to different groups of students, selected by the Languages team. Students who do not study a second language have two extra lessons of Spanish in this block, which allows for continued development of the basics in this language. The Maths department set groups by ability within their own block, while Technology and PE have their own setting arrangements. Technology is delivered as a rotation through different disciplines and there is variation from tutor groups in order to accommodate classes within the available facilities. Performing Arts groups rotate through Music and Drama throughout the year. As part of the ongoing curriculum review, this model will be adapted to include Year 9 from September 2020.


The Options Process

In the spring term of Year 8, students select 4 subjects they will study for the duration of KS4, alongside the core curriculum. All students at The Long Eaton School will have access to a combination of options that allows them study an Ebacc compatible set of subjects. Where appropriate students will also follow a combination of subjects that allows them to have each of the Attainment 8 baskets filled.
Most students beginning KS4 in September 2018 will select a humanities subject (geography or history) and a previously studied language (Spanish, French or Mandarin). Their other 2 choices will be from the remaining subjects and students are able to choose a combination of GCSEs or BTECs. The list of subjects we are currently offer at KS4 is included in Appendix 2.
Year 8 students will receive appropriate careers education and independent advice and guidance to support them in making these choices, however, when making their option choices students should also select courses in which their progress check history will show they have made good progress and consistently demonstrated a good attitude towards learning. Progress check information will be referred to when making subject allocations and in the event of over-subscribed subjects, some students with a comparatively poor progress check record may be asked to make new choices and submit another form.
The Long Eaton School endeavours to provide all students with their first choices of options subjects, however there may be occasions when students choose a combination that does not fit within the curriculum structure. In this instance the issue and possible solutions will be discussed by the Achievement Leader or a member of SLT with the student, and parents will be kept informed during the process. The school also reserves the right to cancel a course if there are not sufficient student numbers to make a viable class.
The Long Eaton School recognises that there will be instances where 4 options choices, or an Ebacc combination may prove inappropriate for some students and a more personalised curriculum approach is needed. The design of this approach will vary according to an individual student’s needs and will involve consultation between the student, parents / carers and staff concerned. A final decision will be made by the SENCO in agreement with student and parents / carers.  

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

During Years 9-11, all students will follow the core curriculum, and the set of up to four option subjects chosen during Year 8 as previously described.
The Core Curriculum:  
  • English (Language & Literature)
  • Mathematics
  • Science (combined or separate)
  • Physical Education
  • Life Skills, (including RE, Citizenship, Relationships, Sex Education, Drugs Education and Careers Education)  

Again, each Year Group is split into 2 bands, which contain 4 blocks as shown below:


Within these blocks, subjects set as they feel appropriate. Students in the Science Set 1 study Separate Science GCSE, while sets 2-4 Combined Science GCSE. The options subjects are arranged into 4 separate blocks, A-D which contain different combinations of subjects to enable the best breadth of choice for students as possible. Students select one subject from each block. Some students study the Aim Award during this time. In Year 11 each option block contains "personalised curriculum” groups where identified students have 2 extra lessons of English and Maths and 1 extra study skills / core PE lesson, in order to support their achievement in these areas. Options subjects receive 5 lessons per fortnight. A breakdown of the options blocks by year group is contained in the appendices on the Curriculum Policy. Life skills is delivered to tutor groups and receives 2 lessons per fortnight.  

Post 16

Level 3 (GCE/A Level and applied vocational) programmes of study are available in The Long Eaton School 6th Form.
Level 3 (GCE/A Level and applied vocational) programmes of study are available in The Long Eaton School 6th Form. The provision for students from 16-19 is inclusive, but a level 2 bench mark attainment must be met to undertake level 3 courses and then each level 3 course has specific entry requirements.
To undertake Level 3 courses students must attain a minimum of 5 separate 9-4 GCSE or equivalent qualifications, the requirements for individual Level 3 qualifications are given in the policy appendices Students who fail to achieve a grade 4 at GCSE English or GCSE Maths are required to continue studying these courses until a grade 4 is achieved. Provision is made to facilitate this. Students who fail to achieve a grade 5 are given the opportunity to re-sit in order to achieve this grade as well.
The Level 3 offer consists of a range of GCE and applied vocational qualifications. This may be allowed if the student’s prior attainment is sufficiently high enough, and decisions on this will be made on an individual basis. The curriculum is designed to have 5 blocks of subjects, each with 9 lessons per fortnight. Students select subjects from these blocks. Students undertake a minimum of 3 courses which can be all GCE or applied vocational or a combination. In exceptional circumstances some students may wish to undertake 4 Level 3 courses. Students also have 2 lessons of Life Skills per fortnight. During this time all Level 3 students undertake an enrichment programme that also provides pastoral support and care, CEIAG & support with UCAS applications, apprenticeships applications or any other appropriate progression pathway. High achieving students will also be given the opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification, which they will undertake independently under appropriate supervision.
The overwhelming majority of courses have now decoupled AS and A-Level examinations. Students will not be co-entered for the AS level in the chosen subjects at the end of Year 12. Students are instead given rigorous internal assessments at the end of Year 12, upon which progression into Year 13 will be judged. At the end of Year 12 students will be given a progression interview with either the Sixth Form Achievement leader of a member of the SLT where appropriate. The only Level 2 qualifications on offer in the Long Eaton School sixth form are re-sit English and Maths GCSE. Students receive 3 lessons per fortnight for re-sits and are also included in interventions taking place at Key Stage 4 where possible. Students wishing to follow Level 2 courses Post-16 are signposted to other providers

For further information, please contact the relevant Curriculum Team Leader (please see Staff section for contact emails), or contact Mr Patrick (Deputy Headteacher).


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