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"Back through the ages of barbarism and civilisation, in all tongues, we find this instinctive pleasure in the imitative action that is the very essence of all drama." George P. Baker

Imagination, creativity, collaboration, performance and reflection form the ethos of The Long Eaton School's approach to the Performing Arts. We strive to bring Drama into the experience of all students, to help them discover their dramatical talents and to celebrate their achievements. Students develop performance and devising skills and also focus on reflection and evaluation. They are encouraged to take part in performances outside the classroom, and to develop creative, independent and collaborative learning skills. Whilst transferable skills are essential to learners in the present global climate, the intrinsic value of self-expression and creative achievement through Drama is a key role of the Drama provision.

Drama is taught in a practical way, with students taking part in live performances to audiences of their peers, their parents and younger students. The experiences they gain prepare them to engage with the world of Drama outside the classroom.

Key Stage 3:

The KS3 course is based around developing the skills and knowledge to go on to study GCSE in Year 9.Year 7 students cover a range of topics which aim to develop basic drama skills through different themes. The issue of bullying and young people's perceptions of this is explored dramatically through various techniques. Students also study a well-known play, exploring dramatic techniques used by practitioners and different genres of theatre. Students then go on to look at melodrama and silent film.

In Year 8 student skills are expanded further through a range of projects, including studying more complex drama practitioners and techniques. They develop skills specifically relating to practitioner’s specialising in socio-political theatre and also study a well-known play.

The KS3 curriculum focusses on performance from a text, devising their own dramatic sketches and interpreting and analysing. Drama is taught on a rotation basis with Music, therefore students have 9 lessons of Drama over the course of 6 weeks before rotating.


Key Stage 4:

All students are given the opportunity to continue studying Drama at KS4 through Eduqas GCSE Drama which is 70% written work and 30% practical work. The assessed practical work includes a performance of their own devised work and performance from a text from a published play. The written work includes a portfolio of evidence and evaluation of their devised work and a written exam. Students take part in drama skills workshops, develop devised performances and have the opportunity to watch live theatre performances throughout the year. In addition to this, they perform an extract from a published play for a visiting examiner, as well as studying a set text and writing a live theatre review, for a written exam.

The course is delivered over 5 hours per fortnight. This allows for the development of creativity and challenge students need to reach high levels of technical skill, as well as the theoretical approach to their studies. Pupils are encouraged to use our many rehearsal spaces at lunchtimes and after school for their own rehearsals. If you are a pupil wanting to book a room, please click here.

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