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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" - Victor Hugo

Imagination, creativity, collaboration, performance and reflection form the ethos of The Long Eaton School's approach to the Performing Arts. We strive to bring music into the experience of all students, to help them discover their musical talents and to celebrate their musical achievements. Students develop performance and composition skills and also focus on reflection and evaluation. They are encouraged to take up or continue to learn to play musical instruments, and to develop creative, independent and collaborative learning skills. Whilst transferable skills are essential to learners in the present global climate, the intrinsic value of self-expression and creative achievement through music is a key role of the music curriculum.

Music is taught in a practical way, with students taking part in live performances, publishing their composition work and using a variety of musical instruments and industry standard software. The experiences they gain prepare them to engage with the world of music outside the classroom.

Key Stage 3:

The KS3 course is based around developing the skills and knowledge to go on to study GCSE in Year 9. Year 7 develop vocal techniques whilst learning about a wide range of vocal music from the Baroque era to the 1970s band 'Queen'. They then go on to explore music from the Baroque era, learning about different compositional techniques and structures. They use this knowledge to create pieces of their own. Year 7 then go on to develop an understanding of music from other cultures by exploring the development of the Blues and its progression into the various different styles of jazz music which exist today.

Year 8 start the year by developing their knowledge of music used in films. They study a variety of significant composers, whilst developing performance skills by playing some of the most influential film themes ever written. Later in the year they then work on creating their own pieces of film music using music technology. They compose music for a pre-existing film trailer, They finish the year by exploring musical fusions, in particular the fusion of world music, folk music and pop music.

All of these topics are taught with a practical focus and aim to develop skills in performance and composition, as well as improving their knowledge of musical elements and their listening skills.

Year 7 students have an hour of music every week, with Year 8 students having one hour every fortnight.

Key Stage 4:

All students are given the opportunity to continue studying Music at KS4 through Edexcel GCSE Music. GCSE Music covers a detailed exploration of composition styles and also solo and ensemble performances. The course culminates in a written exam based on music studied over the two year period.

KS4 Music is delivered over 4 hours per fortnight. It allows for the development of creativity and challenges students to reach high levels of technical skill. Students are expected to continue to develop their skills and knowledge outside of lessons.

Pupils are encouraged to use our many rehearsal spaces at lunchtimes and after school for their own individual and group rehearsals. If you are a pupil wanting to book a room please click on the following link:

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