Welcome to Science

The Long Eaton School offers a comprehensive curriculum for students to study Science. Our subjects include:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


The faculty has 11 well equipped and modern science labs with fitted data projectors and access to a research quality observatory. There is access to 30 laptops which run the latest Windows Operating System and Office Package. The department invests in ICT provision to support learning and teaching. Courses are supported by resources from Sam Learning, Boardworks and Multimedia Science. To enhance practical work, the faculty has 30 state-of-the-art touch screen data loggers.


Key Stage 3:

At KS3 students have six hours of Science per fortnight. Throughout the year, this time is equally split between Biology, Chemistry and Physics units. Year 8 students are set according to ability; we believe this enables classes to have the best conditions for effective teaching and learning and to provide achievement for all.


Key Stage 4:

At KS4 we offer different GCSE programmes in order to complement the strengths of the learner. All the GCSE science students follow the AQA specification and are taught nine hours per fortnight.


GCSE Combined Science

Students cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics units (B1/C1/P1), the results of which are combined to give two GCSE grades.

Biology - Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and Response, Bioenergetics, Homeostatis and Response, Inheritance, Variation and Evolution and Ecology.

Chemistry - Atomic Structure and Periodic Table, Bonding, Structure and the Properties of Matter, Quantitative Chemistry, Chemical Changes, Energy Changes, The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry of the Atmosphere and Using Resources.

Physics - Energy, Electricity, Particle Model of Matter, Atomic structure, Forces, Waves and Magnetism & Electromagnetism.


Science Revision 

The files below are aimed at parents to support their child:

AQA GCSE Physics equations students need to learn (AQA Physics Equations.pdf)

AQA GCSE Combined Science (Physics) equations students need to learn (AQA Combined Science Physics Equations.pdf)

AQA Science GCSE specific vocabulary students need to know what they mean (AQA Science Specific Vocabulary.pdf)

AQA Science GCSE command words students need to know what they mean (AQA Science Command Words.pdf)

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