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'Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future'
(Michael Palin)

The study of Geography is perhaps more relevant than ever. Geographical issues such as globalisation, climate change, fair trade, migration, local development, changes in towns and the countryside, natural disasters and the environment affect our everyday lives. The Geography curriculum aims to raise awareness and understanding of these challenging issues that face young people today. Geography further develops a broad range of skills in real world contexts, so that students see wider relevance in their education and can make well informed decisions in the future. A key role of Geography in school today is preparing young people to be global citizens.

At The Long Eaton School Geography is taught using a variety of teaching and learning strategies that aim to stimulate interest in our world including enquiry, decision making and field work beyond the class room.


Key Stage 3:

In Years 7 and 8 students will study Geography for three lessons a fortnight. They will look at a range of geographical themes such as Rainforests, Natural Hazards, The Arctic, Wild Water (rivers and flooding) and geographical skills.

There are two field trips in KS3; one to Rufford Abbey in Year 7 and the second to Castleton in Year 8. Students also complete fieldwork in the local area during lesson time to develop these key skills.


Key Stage 4:

Students taking GCSE Geography study the Edexcel Geography ‘B’ specification. Students have 4-5 lessons a fortnight and will study topics including Natural Hazards, Urbanisation, Rivers & Coasts, Globalisation, the UK’s landscape and Environmental Issues (e.g. managing energy resources and forests under threat). Students will complete a minimum of two pieces of fieldwork during this course. For these, they will be expected to write up their findings and they will then be assessed on this work in their final exam.


GCSE Geography is assessed with 3 final exams:







Global  Geographical Issues

o        Hazardous Earth

o        Development dynamics

o        Challenges of an urbanising world

1 hr 30




UK Geographical Issues

o        The UK’s evolving physical landscape

o        The UK’s evolving human landscape

o        Fieldwork investigations

1 hr 30




People and Environment Issues – Making Geographical Decisions

o        People and the biosphere

o        Forests under threat

o        Consuming energy resources

1 hr 15



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