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'The greatest wealth is health' - Virgil


OCR Cambridge Nationals - Certificate in Health and Social Care

This qualification is a two year course which covers a range of topics and develops knowledge, skills and independent learning. The course consists of four units of work one of which is a written exam set and marked by OCR.

Topics include:

  • care values
  • individual rights
  • developing effective communication skills
  • understanding body systems
  • disorders and development through the life stages.
The course aims to develop skills essential for the modern day workplace such as team working, working to deadlines, presenting information effectively and developing independent research and analysis skills.
The course can lead to the key stage 5 pathway (age 16+) of BTEC L3 in Health and Social Care and then on to higher education degree courses or apprenticeships.
Many of the Health and Social Care students go on to successful careers in midwifery, nursing (all areas), paramedics, primary teaching and associated careers.

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