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Welcome to Year 7

This is a very exciting year for our newest recruits!

On entry to the school, students are placed in mixed ability tutor groups. Each group meets the form tutor at daily registration in the morning and one lesson a week is set aside for tutorial activities and PSHE called "Lifeskills". The form tutor is the first point of contact for students and parents. Year 7 children will build a very close, supportive relationship with the tutor and the rest of their tutor group.

Subjects studied throughout Year 7 are:

  • English
  • Art
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities (History, Geography, RE )
  • Science
  • Spanish (some students will have the option to study Mandarin or French in addition to this)    
  • Technology
  • PE
  • Music/Drama
  • Lifeskills (Citizenship, PSHE)
  • ICT


Students are regularly assessed throughout the year. Early in the Summer Term one week is set aside for whole year group subject exams which will take place in the Sports Hall under formal exam conditions. Students must have a photo ID card for all exams.   


Our aim is to set meaningful and relevant homework; this may take many different forms - from reading a short passage to researching on the Internet. Homework tasks vary according to the subject and the time spent on each task will vary depending on the task. Students will receive a sanction and it will be logged on SIMS if they fail to complete their homework. 

The Planner            

The school planner is a very important document. It is used to aid students with their organisation to record homework and is the main method of communication between home and school. All students must carry their planner at all times and it must be checked daily and signed weekly by parents.           


We have a rewards system at The Long Eaton School called Vivo which allows students to personalise the rewards they receive and an online record of their achievements. Students are awarded vivo points by staff for a variety of different achievements such as producing outstanding classwork, homework and gaining 100% attendance. These points will provide students with the chance to participate in trips and also purchase items from the Vivo shop! Some items are worth more points than others and so students will have to develop skills of saving and budgeting if they want to purchase more expensive items.              

Life Skills                  

These lessons are led by the form tutor and include Personal, Social and Health Education. Topics covered in Year 7 include: 

  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Bullying and friendships
  • Puberty
  • Smoking and Alcohol Education
  • Careers
  • Exam Skills
  • Road Safety and Safety in the Community
  • Personal Finance
  • British Values and British Democracy


Trips and Activities                    

We provide a very wide range of extra curricular activities, believing that every student will find something to suit, from the choices available.

Every year a trip is organised to Lea Green, the Derbyshire Centre for residential education. The residential gives children the chance to develop personal, social and team working skills in an unfamiliar environment.











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