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Year 8

As students move from Year 7 into Year 8, it is an opportunity for them to take more responsibility for themselves and their learning. This responsibility is widely encouraged at The Long Eaton School, as we strive to encourage students to become independent learners. Year 8 requires students to be even more focused and committed to their learning as they will be choosing their Key Stage 4 options in the Spring term. 

Life Skills

These lessons are led by the form tutor and include personal, social and health education. Topics covered in Year 8 include:

  • Sex and Relationships
  • Self Esteem
  • Personal Finance
  • Exam Skills
  • Drugs and Alcohol Education
  • Careers
  • Bereavement, Stress and Depression
  • Online Safety
  • Bulling and Friendship
  • British Values and Local Democracy


Students select their KS4 options in Year 8 and begin their GCSE studies in Year 9. We have seen clear evidence that the extra time available in a three year programme of study is enabling us to prepare students more effectively for these challenging courses.

We know how difficult it can be for students to make such important choices, so we offer comprehensive impartial careers advice to all students.


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