Year 8


As students move from Year 7 into Year 8, it is an opportunity for them to take more responsibility for themselves and their learning. This responsibility is widely encouraged at The Long Eaton School, as we strive to encourage students to become independent learners. Year 8 requires students to be even more focused and committed to their learning. 


Students are regularly assessed throughout the year through a variety of different methods including practical, formative and summative assessments. Through the accelerated reader programme, students will received regular feedback on their current reading age. 


Our aim is to set meaningful and relevant homework to support and enrich learning. This may take many different forms - from reading a short passage to researching on the Internet. Homework tasks vary according to the subject and the time spent on each task will vary depending on the task. Students will need to use their Knowledge Organiser booklet, issued to them at the beginning of each term to support their homework.

The Planner

The school planner is a very important document. It is used to aid students with their organisation to record homework and is the main method of communication between home and school. All students must carry their planner at all times and it must be checked daily and signed weekly by parents.  

Life Skills

These lessons are led by the form tutor and include personal, social and health education. Topics covered in Year 8 include:

  • Sex and Relationships
  • Personal Finance
  • Drugs and Alcohol Education
  • Careers
  • Online Safety
  • Bulling and Friendship
  • British Values and Local Democracy


At The Long Eaton School we know how important it is to reinforce positive behaviour and attitude and we implement a variety of different curriculum and past oral rewards throughout the year. We promote and reinforce academic progress through our termly Curriculum Award Assemblies and at our annual Presentation Evening. During the school day we reinforce positive behaviour by awarding students positive points on Classcharts, this gives students and parents immediate updates on their achievements through the Classcharts App. Points collected lead to individual and collective rewards, like trips and reward events, every point will also contribute towards the whole school house competition,






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