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"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein

Mathematics at The Long Eaton School is taught through a wide variety of resources and teaching styles.

Key Stage 5:

Mathematics is a popular subject in 16+. At present students follow the AQA A Level courses in Mathematics. Students are assessed throughout the two years, with the first formal exam taken in the June of Year 12 and the final exams in the summer of Year 13. The course at present consists of 4 units of core Maths, and two other units which are Decision Maths and Statistics. Students also have the opportunity to follow A Level Further Maths, which is examined in a similar way to the Mathematics A level course.

Throughout school Special Needs provision is available to identified pupils and generally takes the form of in-class support. Support is available for those pupils who require extra help with their mathematics, from specialist teaching assistants attached to the department.

Homework is an integral part of the Mathematics syllabus in all years. The length of homework depends on the year and ability group a pupil is in. At various times during the academic year, high achieving students are entered for various National Mathematics competitions either individually or as a team. Over the years, a high level of success has been achieved.


The faculty has 9 specialist classrooms, equipped with at least 2 computers and a projector. Four interactive whiteboards are installed in the area. Access to class sets of laptop computers (4 lots of 30) and one of the fully equipped ICT rooms is possible when required.

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