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"Few scientists acquainted with the chemistry of biological systems at the molecular level can avoid being inspired."
Donald Cram

When you think of Chemistry, you probably think of lab coats, bunsen burners, chemicals, fizzes, whizzes and bangs! This is because Chemistry is a very practical subject. Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because it joins together physics and mathematics, biology, the earth and environmental sciences. The world we live in has been shaped by chemistry. Without chemistry there would be no medicines, no 'smart' materials that allow us to communicate electronically, and the clothes we wear would be boring colours and probably very itchy!

Chemists are excellent problem solvers and in recent years have been trying to identify environmental problems, like the hole in the ozone layer and the role of greenhouse gases; developing drugs for previously untreatable diseases and create more environmentally friendly fuels. Chemistry affects every part of your life, from brushing your teeth in the morning, making toast for breakfast, to all the reactions going on in your body to keep you alive. For better or worse, everything is chemical!

Key Stage 5:

'A' Level Chemistry students follow the AQA Advanced Chemistry course and have 9 lessons per fortnight. In contrast to the traditional 'topic based' approach, Chemistry (Salters) is 'context - led'. Chemical concepts are introduced within a relevant context, the course being written as a series of units based on contemporary issues in chemistry.


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