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Attendance & Holidays During Term Time

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Tutors closely monitor attendance and challenge students accordingly. Parents are required to contact school on the first day of an absence. If we do not hear from a parent when the child is absent, this will automatically trigger a text and email from Student Services. Messages left by parents are logged and registers amended accordingly.

"Should my child go to school today?"


Holidays During Term Time

Whilst we appreciate the difficulties that some families have with this issue, we feel that any unnecessary time taken off school, especially during Key Stage 4& 5, places at risk your child's chances of success.

Throughout Year 10 and Year 11 there are modular examinations, the results of which contribute to the final GCSE grade. There is no doubt that students who take exams at times other than those set out in the programmes of study are disadvantaged and do not achieve as well as those who take them on schedule. Despite the fact that this is made apparent to parents on a regular basis, some students are still absent unnecessarily. In line with County and national recommendations, we will only authorise holiday absence in exceptional circumstances.


Attendance & Punctuality Policy

Please could we ask you again to consider very carefully the consequences of taking time off before any further holidays are arranged during school time. We would like to thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Please see the Advice for Parents and Carers from Gov.UK with regards to Attendance and Penalty Notices.



If a student is caught truanting from school, then a member of the Pastoral Team will inform the parents. The student is normally required to make up the time lost through truancy via supervised lunchtime detentions. In extreme cases, the Achievement Leader may isolate the student for the day.

Students truanting individual lessons are normally dealt with by the subject teacher and the Curriculum Team Leader, with the Form Tutor and Mrs Farabella informed.



Students who arrive late for the start of school should report to Student Services, where they will be credited with a late mark and issued with a red slip to present to the subject teacher, and instructed to attend for break time detention in H3G. Students who arrive late without a red slip are sent back to Student Services to register and pick up a late slip. These students will face an additional sanction from the class teacher for unnecessary disruption to the lesson as a result of their failure to follow procedure.

Students who do not attend the break detention will be given a one hour after school detention.


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