Careers Curriculum

Careers Education and Guidance is highly valued at The Long Eaton School. Students receive careers education in a variety of ways throughout their time at the school. The careers program is well structured and is planned to develop the skills and knowledge needed to help make all of our students successful. It takes place through assemblies, the Key Life Skills lessons, intervention programmes, and 1:1 advice from independent careers advisors. Students are signposted to the National Careers Service website in their careers lessons, through the weekly notes to tutors and through the school web site. Every Careers lesson in Year 7 and 8 has a signpost slide to the National Careers Service Website. Students are told to write this in their planners. Careers slides regularly appear on the weekly notices for tutors to use in registration periods.

The careers program is evaluated annually by both staff and students to ensure it is up to date and is meeting our student’s needs. A level 6 independent careers advisor works two days a week within the school and has both booked and drop in sessions, so all students who want or need an appointment will be seen during their time at The Long Eaton School. Students also have the opportunity to meet and visit employers such as at our well established careers fair. Students are also given information and the opportunity to visit local further education providers, including both colleges and universities.

Details on the content and type of activities covered within the careers program in Key Stage 4 are covered below.

Year 7 (Age 11-12)

Careers lessons help students to explore their previous life experiences and identify personal strengths and weaknesses and match these with potential career pathways. Student’s use the National Careers Service website to research careers and compare different jobs.

Year 8 (Age 12-13)

Students make their subject choices for Key Stage 4. As part of the preparation, they undertake a variety of different teacher lead and independent research lessons. Websites used include;

• Careers Box
• National Careers Service
• Get In Go Far (Apprenticeship website)

In lessons students learn about the different educational and career paths including apprenticeships.

All Year 8 students participate in a Business Languages Careers and Raising Aspirations Event during which students learn about the Global Learning skills required to be successful in the future as well as understanding the links between businesses and languages. Workshops are delivered by school staff and visiting speakers from local businesses who interact with students. Parents and students attend an Options Evening and all students participate in a Taster Day in which they get the opportunity to try out taster lessons of their potential Key Stage 4 options subjects.

University visits take place in the summer term for all students and intend to raise the aspirations of students, especially for boys and those students whose parents and/or siblings have never been to University.

Year 9 (Age 13-14)

Students use the online resource ‘Sacu' to investigate different careers available to them and start to make the connections between careers and the qualifications and grades required to work in a particular field. Labour market information (LMI) is shared and signposted to students, which relates to the national and local trends in job needs and availability, with mention to growing industries, such as Bio Sciences in Nottingham and Engineering in Derby. Students also begin writing a CV and experience lessons focused on applying for a job and the interview process. Students begin to formulate ideas and discussions on potential work experience placements. All Year 9 students are invited to attend the school’s Careers Fair, which is well attended by a wealth of employers and further education providers. All business students complete a Unit of Work on Recruitment and Selection, over a period of 12 weeks. This involves preparing and using documents used in the recruitment process, interviews and developing a personal career development plan. 

Year 10 (Age 14 - 15)

Students focus on their Work Experience during Year 10. As part of this, they undertake a qualification in Workplace Hazard Awareness and go through the process of applying for a work placement and writing a formal letter of application. Students are encouraged and supported in finding their own placements that suit their career aspirations. They also have a formal interview with a senior member of staff or School Governor to ascertain their aptitude for their chosen Work Experience, as well as testing their interview skills. Students carry out a week long work experience placement at the end of Year 10 tailored to their needs and revisit and update their CVs appropriately at the end of their placement. Students also have the opportunity to attend a University Experience day. This year it will be at Leicester University. Students in Year 10 are also invited to the Careers Fair and where they can speak to employers and gain expert advice on their next steps following their GCSEs. Targeted groups of students work with school staff and trained workers from Derbyshire Education and Business Partnership (DEBP), who give help and advice to students on how to achieve their career goals. In 2018 this has involved assistance in CV writing, applying for jobs and also visits to Derby College and to a major local and international employer, Alstom, who supply and run Nottingham’s tram service.

Year 11 (Age 15 - 16)

Students revisit applying for a job as well as updating their CV. All students have access to an independent careers advisor and apprenticeship opportunities and advise is regularly given by tutors to aid students in decision making for 16+ options. Year 11 students are also invited to the Careers Evening (as stated above) to refresh their knowledge and understanding of careers. Some Year 11 students also are able to work with DEBP (as above), this is even more focused in year 11 on students next steps, with support being given to students in applying for apprenticeships and preparing for interviews. Information and support sessions are organised for students interested in Apprenticeships to enable them to gain an insight into this progression route for their future. Students with learning difficulties or facing other barriers to achievement, and those at risk of becoming NEET are taken on a range of visits to colleges as part of the Transition Plus programme.
Students learn about careers across the curriculum. For example, when studying ultrasound in Year 11 GCSE Physics, students watch a specific STEM careers video clip showing how the concepts that they study are linked to the career of a football club physiotherapist.
The school organises an annual trip to the University of Oxford where a selected group of Year 11 students get to sample life at one of best universities in the world.

Year 12 & 13 (Age 16 – 19)

Students are supported and guided through the UCAS application process that begins with all of Year 12 attending the annual East Midlands UCAS Higher Education convention. Students have the opportunity to visit a university in our annual visit (2017 – University of Lincoln) and some to visit the University of Oxford, and all are encouraged to visit different university open days. Students are regularly updated upon issues regarding careers with information disseminated through the weekly 6th form newsletter and accessible in the sixth form centre, as well as through regular Learning Mentor Meetings with tutors weekly, and also through departmental displays of subject links to future pathways and profiles of former students. Students can also make use of the ‘Derbyshire Careers Service' within school time by appointment. Parents can be involved in this process by appointment and on the 16+ Parent Teacher night in March. Parents are also supported with information and web links through a 16+ parent newsletter as well as social media, texts and email communication, and a dedicated information night for Year 13 parents in September.
The ‘Derbyshire Careers Service' provides assistance in the delivery of Apprenticeship application workshops. In Year 12 a week long experience is provided that includes a workshops with 3 local universities, a University visit to Nottingham Trent. Students also meet representatives from local industry including Rolls Royce and alumni as well as representatives from the National Apprenticeship Service. Students undertake work related learning experiences that are individually relevant to their projected pathways and aspirations. Students are supported in applications and establishing these opportunities by the pastoral team which monitor progress. Students are encouraged to participate in the Senior Student Leadership Program and a 16+ Alumni has been established to raise aspirations of 16+ students in the future.
Careers are related to subject learning across the curriculum. For example, all BTEC business students complete a Unit of Work on Recruitment in Business looking at the process, implications of regulatory framework, preparing documents for an interviewee and interviewer in the selection and recruitment process. All students take part in a selection interview with HR Manager and Administration Manager. Year 12 Physics students visit the National Space Centre in Leicester in November for their annual careers event and Science Enrichment students take part in the Engineering Education Scheme, which involves working with the Engineering Development Trust and a local Engineering employer. This has included Rolls Royce, Boots, Progress Rail and Eon in the past five years. The scheme includes specific careers guidance during the December residential.


Continuing your education can mean further education at The Long Eaton School 16+ Centre or can mean attending a local college or even higher education at University. UCAS can help you research different qualifications, search for courses and places to study. It also explains the application process.

To follow certain vocational qualifications, you might need to apply to another college:




The Careers Contact in School is Karen Gould, who can be contacted on

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