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Anti-Bullying Advice for Parents


The aims of The Long Eaton School Behaviour Policy are to:

·        To promote amongst students, self-discipline, respect for others, and proper regard for authority and positive 

          relationships based on mutual respect.

·        To encourage good behaviour and discipline on the part of all students.

·        To ensure that all students understand the boundaries of acceptable behaviour at The Long Eaton School.

·        To ensure that all students can gain the most from their learning at the school.

·        To ensure consistency and fairness of response to both positive and negative behaviour.

·        To promote early intervention.

·        To provide a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment.


Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviour

The school defines acceptable behaviour as that which promotes courtesy, co-operation and consideration from all students in terms of their relationships with each other, school staff, visitors and members of the local community.


The school has identified examples of unacceptable behaviour as that which includes disruption to learning, name calling, verbal abuse, threatening language, intimidation, stealing others’ property, physical abuse, bullying, damage to school or personal property and harassment of any kind.



The Student Planner contains the following advice for victims of bullying:


What should you do?

Tell yourself that you do not deserve to be bullied.

Try not to show you are upset.

Stay within safe areas or with a group of people – there is safety in numbers.

Try to be assertive – say no – walk away confidently.

Don’t fight back – it usually makes things worse.

ALWAYS TELL. Talk to an adult you can trust. You will be taken seriously and the best course of action considered.

Keep a record of who is involved and what actually happened.



To report bullying to school staff email


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