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Careers Education and Guidance is highly valued at The Long Eaton School. Students receive careers education in a variety of ways throughout their time at the school. This takes place through assemblies, the Key Life Skills lessons, intervention programmes, and 1:1 advice from independent careers advisors.

Students are signposted to the National Careers Service website  in their careers lessons, through the weekly notes to tutors and through the school web site. Every Careers lesson in Year 7 and 8 has a signpost slide to the National Careers Service Website. Students are told to write this in their planners. Careers slides regularly appear on the weekly notices for tutors to use in registration periods. At Key Stage 4 the site is used in: Year 9 – half term 4, lesson 12, applying for a job; Year 10 – half term 1, lesson 1, kudos; Year 11 – half term 3, lesson 4, steps to next year.

The Governments 'Inspiration Vision Statement' (September 2013) wants young people to understand the opportunities in the developing labour market and use imaginative resources like plotrto test preconceptions of careers, such as engineering.


Careers Curriculum
Year 7 (Age 11-12)

Careers lessons help students to explore and identify personal strengths and weaknesses and match these with potential career pathways. Students are introduced to future careers options through using the CASCAID programme.

Year 7 Finance lessons – some lessons explore different types of jobs and careers and what they are paid. They cover earning and spending, payment for work and income, deductions & payslips.


Year 8 (Age 12-13)

Students make their subject choices for GCSE. As part of the preparation, they undertake a variety of different Careers and Options lessons using a range of ICT websites to inform them of the different career pathways and how choosing the right combination of GCSE and BTEC courses is important for keeping the doors to the future open. There is a Business Languages Careers and Raising Aspirations Event prior to the Options process at which students learn about the Global Learning skills required to be successful in the future; KS4; KS5 and University as well as understanding the links between businesses and languages. Workshops are delivered by school staff and visiting speakers from local businesses interact with students.  An Options Evening takes place, together with a Taster Day.

University visits are planned to take place in the summer term for High Attaining students and to raise the aspirations of boys in particular.


Year 9 (Age 13-14)

Students use ‘Kudos' to investigate different careers available to them and start to make the connections between careers and the qualifications and grades required to work in a particular field. Students are also encouraged to begin writing a CV and experience lessons focused on applying for a job and the interview process.

All business students complete a Unit of Work on Recruitment and Selection, over a period of 12 weeks.  This involves preparing and using documents used in the recruitment process, interviews and developing a personal career development plan.  We also have several visits from Mr C Francis, who has spent 25 years in the forces and now is Manager for a Finance Company.  He discusses a range of careers with them.


Year 10 (Age 14 - 15)

Students focus on their Work Experience during Year 10. As part of this, they undertake a qualification in Workplace Hazard Awareness and go through the process of applying for a work placement and writing a formal letter of application.  Students are encouraged to find their own placements that suit their career aspirations. They also have a formal interview with a senior member of staff or School Governor to ascertain their aptitude for their chosen Work Experience, as well as testing their interview skills. Students carry out a week long work experience placement at the end of Year 10 tailored to their needs and revisit and update their CVs appropriately at the end of their placement. Some higher achieving students will also take part in a University Experience day at a University. This year it was at the University of Sheffield. Students in Year 10 are also invited to the Careers Evening which includes a Careers Fair and expert advice on their next steps following their GCSEs, including talks on Apprenticeships, 16+ options and University.


Year 11 (Age 15 - 16)

Students revisit applying for a job and undergoing an interview in Year 11, as well as updating their CV when appropriate. As part of this, some Year 11 students undertake a formal interview with an external agency to prepare them for the future, this year this was done with Barclays Bank. Students are guided by tutors and careers advisors in their decision making for 16+ options and engage in interviews with staff to support them through this process. Year 11 students are also invited to the Careers Evening (as stated above) to refresh their knowledge and understanding of careers. Information and support sessions are organised for students interested in Apprenticeships to enable them to gain an insight into this progression route for their future.

Year 11 Business – As part of one of the main units, students assess their skills, strengths and weaknesses with a view to completing a mission statement for their future career/pathway. When studying ultrasound in Year 11 GCSE Physics, students watch a specific STEM careers video clip showing how the concepts that they study are linked to the career of a football club physiotherapist.


Year 12 & 13 (Age 16 – 19)

Students are supported and guided through the UCAS application process that begins with all of Year 12 attending the annual East Midlands UCAS Higher Education convention. Students have the opportunity to visit a university in our annual visit (2014 – University of Sheffield) and some to visit the University of Oxford, and all are encouraged to visit different university open days. Students are regularly updated upon issues regarding careers with information disseminated through the weekly 6th form newsletter and accessible in the sixth form centre, as well as through regular Learning Mentor Meetings with tutors each half term, and also through departmental displays of subject links to future pathways and profiles of former students. Students can also make use of the ‘Derbyshire Careers Service' within school time and during the designated 16+ time of Wednesday P5 in the Study Centre.  Parents can be involved in this process by appointment and on the 16+ Parent Teacher night in February. Parents are also supported with information and web links through the termly 16+ parent newsletter, and dedicated information night for Year 13 parents in September.

The ‘Derbyshire Careers Service' provides assistance in the delivery of Apprenticeship application workshops. In Year 12 a residential ‘Study' experience is provided at a University. For students wishing to undertake work experience opportunities, applications to do so are supported with some making use of enrichment time to complete these opportunities.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Senior Student Leadership Program and A 16+ Alumni has been established to raise aspirations of 16+ students in the future.


 Careers Policy