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Exam Procedures



Please ensure that your child knows the date and time of every exam they are sitting. Copies of timetables are available from the Exams Officer.


Exam Start and Finish Times

Morning exams start at 9.00am and afternoon exams start at 1.30pm. Students must be in school by for normal registration at 8.20am in the morning and must line up outside the Sports Hall by 1.15pm in the afternoon. For internal exams, once students have finished, they will return to normal lessons.


Late Arrivals

Students arriving at school after the start of an exam must report to Student Services to collect an admissions slip which they must give to the Chief Invigilator. They will not be allowed to enter the Exams Hall without the slip.



If your child is unable to sit an exam due to illness, you must inform the school by 8.45am for a morning session or 12.00pm for an afternoon session. You will need to send a doctor’s note as soon as possible afterwards.



No mobile phones, IPods etc, food or drink are allowed inside the Exams Hall. Students are reminded that there must be no communication with other candidates once they are in the Exams Hall.



Students must bring all the equipment needed for their exams. This includes a calculator, black pens and pencils in a clear plastic pencil case. Students must write in black ink only.  


ID Cards

All students must have a valid school ID card bearing their photo. This is to ensure that absentees may be identified quickly and accurately. Please ensure that your child has an ID card before the start of exam week. Students will receive an afterschool detention for each exam in which they fail to produce their ID card.



Students should wear full school uniform for all exams.


Parents can ensure that their child is fully prepared for the exams by helping them stick to their revision timetable and allowing them a quiet place every evening to do their revision. 

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Year 11 Results


2016 - 17

Progress 8


Attainment 8


Percentage of students achieving a strong pass in English and Maths


Percentage of students achieving English Baccalaureate


Percentage of Students staying in Education or Employment at the end of KS4




Post 16 Performance


2016 - 17

A-level Value Added


A-level Average Grade per entry


A-level Retention


Applied General Value Added


Applied General Grade per Entry

Distinction +

Applied General Retention


English Average L2 Progress


Maths Average L2 progress


Percentage of Students staying in Education or Employment at the end of 16-19




Year 11 Leavers 2017 - Destinations