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The Long Eaton School is working with a group of other Derbyshire schools who have established links with China. In conjunction with the British Council, we have now established a link with Shanghai Shidong Middle School, with an initial teacher visit to the school in April 2010.

China Week

One of our key priorities at The Long Eaton School is to equip all learners to become global citizens. We already have successful links with schools in Italy, Canada, and France and are now proud to announce our link with our new partner school, the Shi Dong Middle School in Shanghai, China. Mr Sainsbury undertook a visit to Shanghai in order to establish the relationship between our two schools.
To raise the profile of this important development, all the students in Year 7, 8 and 9 participated in an exciting week of lessons in Chinese language and culture. Each day Mr Sainsbury sent us a pictorial 'Letter from Shanghai' so that the students could see what he was doing in our partner school. During the week the students worked in mixed aged groups within their houses.  Students participated in cross-curricular lessons including comparing Chinese technology and Western technology through the ages, with paper making and lantern making. The Technology Department created 4 large dragons which then performed outside. In addition, all students received at least 4 hours of Mandarin, delivered by Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute at Nottingham University.
Shi Dong Middle School Visit