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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Outdoors assembly at Al Khansa school
In November 2009, The Long Eaton School embarked upon a new partnership with six schools in Dubai. This project is part of the 'Connecting Classrooms' initiative established by The British Council. The first meeting was held in the UAE to establish working practices with teacher colleagues in Dubai and to visit Al Khansa School. The partnership is very enthusiastic about sharing good practice and student experiences. Our aims include:

  • To embed international, cultural and community experiences to enhance subject learning.
  • To provide opportunities to contribute to the development of a more informed and sustainable society.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to understand global change.

As such, a project plan of shared activities has been developed for the first year. Activities include sharing personal profiles, family histories, surveys of the local environment and sharing knowledge of our cultures and countries. Projects completed in all schools can be uploaded to and viewed at:








UAE Partner Schools visit Long Eaton School


Asalaam Alaikum (peace be upon you)     





During the week of the 1st November, we welcomed six teachers from our partner schools in Dubai.. They were taken on a tour and lunched with students in the dining hall, being very impressed with our students and facilities. During the morning they also observed a range of lessons in English, Humanities, Music, Art and Science. Two year 8 classes were also given the treat of an Arabic lesson, through the story of ‘Johal, the donkeys and his wife’. Well done to the brave students who stood at the front of the class and retold the story in Arabic! In the afternoon we visited Nottingham Castle.






Our visitors also met with colleagues to develop learning activities that will be taught in school both in Long Eaton and Dubai. The outcomes of the activities will be posted on the internet for students to see and comment on. Topics and projects we will be sharing include a drama competition based on the Olympics, energy, water, and globalisation.

At the end of the visit, the teachers kindly presented us with gifts and mementos from their respective schools.

One day, Johal went to market and bought 6 donkeys. On the way back home he rode one of the donkeys. When nearly home, he decided to check if he had all of the donkeys and counted them, but he could only count 5. On arriving at home he said to his wife, ‘Look I bought 6 donkeys at the market and now I only have 5. My darling wife, how many donkeys do you see?’ She replied, my good husband, I can see 7’.  Can anyone remember how to tell the story in Arabic?!