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ITIS "Galileo Galilei" was built in 1962, when it began as a smaller section of the ITIS in Cremona - a city quite near Crema, Italy.


Later, three more courses were introduced: the first two years of the course (13-15 years old) are the same for everybody, but students from 15 to 18 years old have been having the possibility to choose between courses focusing on mechanics, chemistry or computer science

The Long Eaton School established the link with IT IS

  • March/April 2009 - ITIS Galilo visit TLES twice on an Italian Government funded Integration programme for A & T students. They attended lessons in school and were looked after in school by Y10/11/12 students. During the afternoon they participated in cultural visits
  • May 2009 - KG/RSP spend 3 days at ITIS school in Creme to establish international exchange programme
  • October 2009 - 20 Year 9 students and 3 teachers from TLES will visit ITIS Galileo for a 6 day host family stay. They attended school each day where they were took part in a special programme of Food Technology and language lessons. They visited Crema, Bergamo and Lake Garda.
  • November 2009 - ITIS Galileo return visit to TLES on the Integration funded programme
  • March 22nd-27th 2010 - ITIS Galileo return to TLES for host family stay. They will participate in English language and literature lessons, studying Shakespeare. They will also have a variety of cultural visits
  • Future Plans for 2010 - TLES to return to IT IS Galilei for our second host family stay with Year 12 IT students to participate in a joint curriculum project with Year 12 students in Italy.


Long Eaton students in Crema with their Italian hosts during the visit in October 2009

Italian Students with Year 7 Students during their first visit to The Long Eaton School