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Online Safety

In today's society, children are having a greater interaction with digital literacy, and very often children coming into schools are gaining exposure of this digital world form a very early age. At The Long Eaton School we want to educate students in how to conduct themselves in a safe and healthy manner when going about their digital lives.

In Key Stage 3, students are taught how to be aware of the dangers when using the internet and what to do if they find themselves in an online situation in which they feel uncomfortable. The school uses high quality material developed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Team (CEOP), as part of the "Think you Know" program. This material is augmented with other programs to promote eSafety such as Internet Safety Day.

Any parent who would like to like further information on eSafety is encouraged to contact the school, or alternatively refer to the parents section of the "Think You Know" Website or look at this eSafety link



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