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At The Long Eaton School we acknowledge the importance of praise and reward and seek to promote and reinforce our expectation of students at any given and relevant opportunity.

 We reward whenever possible:

  • Formally or informally
  • Publicly or discretely
  • Regularly
  • Consistently
  • Sincerely

A variety of methods of reward exist at The Long Eaton School and these include:

  • Verbal praise
  • Postcard home
  • Letters home
  • Positive phone call home
  • Celebrating Success certificates
  • Achievement Leader/Curriculum Team Leader nominations to Headteacher for the annual Presentation Evening
  • Public display of high quality work
  • Acknowledgement through assembly
  • Rewards trips and events
  • Vouchers

On top of this, The Long Eaton School has invested in the Vivo rewards system where students receive points from staff for going above and beyond the normal expectations of the school. These points can be exchanged in a shop for a variety of goods/experiences to personalise the rewards that students receive. Students can be rewarded for a variety of reasons (some are outlined below) and the amount points received changes depending on the criteria below:

  • 100% Attendance
  • Improved Attendance/Punctuality
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Curriculum Team Leader/Achievement Leader/Senior Leadership Team/Headteacher Awards
  • Attendance for Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Involvement in House Activities
  • Outstanding Contribution to the House System
  • Outstanding/Improved Progress Check
  • Making Exceptional Progress
  • Outstanding Classwork
  • Outstanding Homework
  • Outstanding Behaviour for Learning
  • Participation in School/Community Events
  • Peer Support/Good Citizen

More information about Vivo can be found at

The Long Eaton School prides itself on providing a positive learning environment in which staff give verbal praise in class when students are doing well/doing things right. Rather than ignoring the quietly compliant student or class, we make a point of using the verbal praise when thanking/praising their efforts as the lesson progresses.

An annual Presentation Evening is held. This serves to reward the achievement mostly with regard to outstanding academic successes at examination levels, although other students are recognised for progress and endeavour.

  •  Each term, students who have achieved 100% attendance will enter the 100% attendance draw. A small number of students in each year group will therefore receive prizes.
  • Each term, letters of congratulations will be sent to students who have achieved 100% attendance or who have made dramatic improvement in attendance.

Celebrating Success and Progress assemblies take place for all year groups at the end of each year in which students are rewarded with certificates and some receive vouchers.

Each term Achievement Leaders and Curriculum Team Leaders will nominate 1student from each year group to the Headteacher for achieving something "above and beyond”. A letter of congratulations is sent and a member of SLT sees the student personally to congratulate them. These letters are issued for a number of different reasons, including exceptional progress, effort over time, involvement in school life, Leadership, developing resilience and independence. No student can be nominated twice by the same curriculum team.

An annual Sports Awards evening is held to recognise the achievement of students in sporting activities in school. Other reward evenings are also held to celebrate the successes of students.