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How we deliver SMSC in English



Spiritual education in English and Media includes being reflective on other students' feelings and values, as well as appreciating the unknown and mystical elements of our lives. We look at compassion, acceptance, ideologies as well as subjects such as death, religion and creativity.


Moral education in English and Media includes topics such as fairness and equality, as well as appreciating more abstract qualities such as justice and responsibility. We look at how conventions might be used within close reading of texts, such as in advertising, as well as the ethical dilemmas raised. We also look more generally at texts and how they both represent and challenge fundamental British values.


Social education in English and Media includes topics such as anti-bullying, social differences, our individual responsibilities and areas such as physical disability. We consider how people might be manipulated or affected by texts and how they might react, from challenging to seeking escapism. We also help students understand the democratic process and how they might both appreciate the rule of law and develop their own voice and opinions.


Cultural education in English and Media includes looking at the wide range of influences upon our students' heritage, an appreciation of the different cultures in school and further afield and a willingness to respond positively to our students' linguistic and literary heritage.



Examples of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education in English and Media include:


  • In Year 7 students study either The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas or Boy so consider topics as diverse as exclusion, family life, school, growing up and copying with difficulty and change. 
  • In Year 9 students study either Animal Farm or Of Mice and Men and so consider topics such as social division, identity, tolerance, moral choice and respect.  
  • In Year 8 all students study A Monster Calls or Stone Cold and so consider questions of resilience, isolation, choice and friendship. They also study an anthology of poetry which reflects the literature canon and so addresses issues of gender, age, class, freedom and tolerance.
  • In Year 10 all students study An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol so consider topics such as social responsibility, inequality, respect and discrimination.
  • In KS5 English Literature, fundamental British values play a central role, with texts such as Shakespeare’s Othello, Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience or McEwan’s Enduring Love, offering students numerous opportunities to engage with both what constitutes values and how these may be represented within literature.
  • Media classes explore advertising in detail, considering the moral responsibilities and ethics behind advertising. Students also consider the effect that advertising has on them.