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We are aware of issues with some of the online services that we have set work on. This is due to the increased demand and we have been told that their capacity/servers will improve over the coming days/weeks. If you are unable to log on to a particular site, or if it is particularly slow, please complete other work for now and return to the website later on.

We appreciate that this is an unprecedented time for all of us and we are constantly looking at ways in which we can support students and parents at home. 

All students should have work set by each subject to continue their education at home and students should be working through these each day. It is advised that students should follow a daily timetable which covers all of their subjects throughout the week. Students should also factor in time for reading, physical activities and other wellbeing activities. Work set may take the form of ongoing projects, online learning or other tasks as opposed to the normal hour long lessons in school. This has been set on Class Charts and more will be added in the coming weeks. We are also investigating other ways in which we can educate offsite. If you have any Class Charts questions, then please contact main reception for support.

In addition, we are fully aware that students may be missing the pastoral care that the school provides. A member of staff will be contacting you on a regular basis to ‘catch up’ with you so please get in touch if there’s any way in which we can support you or your child during this difficult period. 

Thank you for your support during this time


Coronavirus Update Letter - 19 March

Coronavirus Update Letter 17 March 

Coronavirus Update Letter 16 March

Coronavirus Update Letter 11 March


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For those students who will not be expected to continue to come into school from Monday, work will be set via the Class Charts on-line portal for all subjects. In addition, you will find useful links below for other online learning resources.



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Nature Detectives, Mini Courses in Subjects, You tube videos on subjects, Learn a Language for free

Online Safety

Being aware of what your child/ren are doing online is extremely important and communicating regularly about this will help. Social networking can offer a lot of positives, but can also pose some problems for children. It’s important to monitor your child’s profiles online to ensure that they are being safe online, this includes checking their ‘friends’ are people that they actually know and trust.

A useful guide to the different social networking sites can be found here. As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping young people safe, we would like to share a useful website for parents - stop, speak, support and Online Safety Guides for Parents and Carers.

Students who need to can contact childline.

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