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Welcome to Italian

"Saper ascoltare significa possedere, oltre al proprio,

il cervello degli altri" - Leonardo Da Vinci

Knowing how to listen means to possess the brains of others, as well as your own.



The MFL team aim to:

  • Broaden students' horizons to accept that our society/culture is not the only one and to consider the importance and relevance of other societies.
  • Develop a positive attitude to diversity within the British Isles, the European Community and the wider world.
  • Develop students' communicative skills and give them an awareness of the nature of language and to boost their literacy skills.
  • Give students a feeling of success with small, structured activities and thus to develop self-confidence.
  • Help students to achieve skills and qualifications that will be of benefit when looking for employment, or that will enable them to study further.
  • Have a positive learning environment in classrooms, recognising different learning styles so that all students can achieve to the best of their ability.
  • Enable students to develop personalised learning and thinking skills such as memorising, analysis, communication and research.
  • Provide students with opportunities to visit the target language country through exchange programmes with our partner school in Crema, Italy, and to develop their language skills to communicate with people from another country.

Subject Staff:

  • Miss F Tavoni
  • Mrs F Knowles
  • Miss L Mayman 

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Italian is optional, with Year 10 students from September 2017 onwards working towards a qualification from the AQA Exam Board covering topics of: Family, Home and Local Area, School, Hobbies, TV, Film, Music, Food, Sport and Customs and Festivals.

Students starting Year 11 in September 2017 follow the Edexcel Exam Board, covering topics of: Family, Free Time, Home and Local Area, Shopping/Fashion, School, Tourism and Holidays, Work, and Health.

Students have 4 or 5 lessons of Italian per fortnight and also have access to 'Languages Clinic' - a weekly after school help session run by teachers of Italian, to get extra support with their learning.



The MFL Department comprises of five classrooms with projectors and interactive whiteboards. Two of the language rooms have 30 laptops each. We use interactive software and specialist language websites.