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Welcome to BTEC Applied Science

"The hardest problems of pure and applied science can only be solved by the open collaboration of the world-wide scientific community." 

Kenneth G Wilson


The world in which we live in is fast paced and highly competitive. The media is constantly bombarding us with news of new innovations, discoveries and scientific material and we have to be able to comprehend and digest this information objectively. Additionally, the UK has a strong scientific and technology sector and increasingly requires more scientifically literate people to be employed in these areas.

The BTEC applied science course is taught within a vocational context and this means that you will not only learn the science, but also how it is used in real life organisations. BTECs are not exam based qualifications, instead, students study real life, work based case studies and complete projects and assessments which contribute to the achievement of each unit studied. In order to complete each unit, students must achieve against a set of known outcomes. The assessment criteria address theory with practical exercises. The assessment process is on-going so students can analyse and improve their own performance throughout their course, much as they would do in the real workplace.

Subject Staff:

All Science staff contribute to the teaching of Level 2.

Level 3 teaching staff: 

  • Mr A Bright
  • Mr C Cassidy
  • Mrs N Devine
  • Mrs P Ford
  • Mr M Goodman
  • Mr S Patrick
  • Mr A Taylor
  • Miss N Ellender
  • Miss J Hulse 

Key Stage 5:

At level 3 students can study the BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Applied Science and the BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (Medical Science).

The 30 credit Level 3 BTEC Certificate offers a specialist qualification that focuses on particular aspects of employment within the science vocational sector. It is a qualification that can extend a learner's programme of study and give vocational emphasis. The Certificate is broadly equivalent to 1 GCE AS Level.

The 60 credit Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma and the 120 credit Level 3 Diploma extends the specialist work focus from the BTEC Level 3 Certificate and covers the key knowledge and practical skills required in the science vocational sector. Both offer courses greater flexibility; the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is broadly equivalent to 1 GCE A2 Level, whereas the BTEC L3 Diploma is broadly equivalent to 2 GCE A2 Level.


The faculty has 10 well equipped and modern science labs with fitted data projectors and access to a research quality observatory. Four of the labs contain interactive whiteboards, while there is access to 120 laptops which run the latest Windows Operating System and Office Package. The department invests in ICT provision to support learning and teaching. Courses are supported by resources from the online Kerboodle platform, Sam Learning, Boardworks and Multimedia Science. To enhance practical work, the faculty has 30 state-of-the-art touch screen data loggers.


Science offers many extra-curricular clubs and support sessions, including:

  • Eco Committee - environmental activities
  • Weekly KS3 Science Club
  • Weekly revision sessions for GCSE students
  • Weekly BTEC support sessions
  • Regular Astronomy Evenings
  • Lots of in-school and extra-curricular science activities during Science Week