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Welcome to Environmental Science

"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do."

Barbara Ward


Environmental Science is a diverse subject which has many cross-curricular links to other curriculum areas, especially Biology, Chemistry and Geography. As we are an Eco School and have a thriving Eco Committee, this subject is vital to develop student knowledge in order to be able to understand what needs to be done on our school grounds and in the locality to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves, our resources and our wildlife.

Environmental education is not restricted to in-class lesson plans. We conduct ecological practical work on the school fields; take field trips to our local Peak District National Park; visit Attenborough Nature Reserve and local country parks. We invite local companies such as Eon and Severn Trent Water to come and talk to students and share learning experiences with volunteer groups such as 'Engineers Without Borders', based at Nottingham University. We also run an on-going climate change project with schools around the Peak District called the MICCI project. Learning about the environment is a great deal of fun and students really enjoy the diverse subject content and a chance to learn so much about their local area.

Subject Staff:

  • Mr M Goodman
  • Mrs P Ford
  • Miss A Shepherd

Key Stage 4:

At KS4 we are proud to offer GCSE Environmental Science as an option and students have 5 lessons per fortnight. We currently follow the AQA syllabus which is very topical and gives students a broad understanding of both local and global issues facing the world today.


The faculty has 10 well equipped and modern science labs with fitted data projectors and access to a research quality observatory. Four of the labs contain interactive whiteboards, while there is access to 120 laptops which run the latest Windows Operating System and Office Package. The department invests in ICT provision to support learning and teaching. Courses are supported by resources from the online Kerboodle platform, Sam Learning, Boardworks and Multimedia Science. To enhance practical work, the faculty has 30 state-of-the-art touch screen data loggers.


Science offers many extra-curricular clubs and support sessions, including:

  • Eco Committee - environmental activities
  • Weekly KS3 Science Club
  • Weekly revision sessions for GCSE students
  • Weekly BTEC support sessions
  • Regular Astronomy Evenings
  • Lots of in-school and extra-curricular science activities during Science Week