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Health & Social Care

'The greatest wealth is health' - Virgil                                     

Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care is an essential aspect of our society. It impacts on you from the day you are born until the day you die. We regularly invite guest speakers to school and arrange visits to Health and Social care settings in the area. We strive to create opportunities for our Health & Social Care students, and encourage them to contribute to the school and the local community. They have arranged work experience, planned a Christmas party, an event for teenagers with severe disabilities and have developed their own health promotion campaign.

Subject Staff:

  • Miss R Wilson - Lead Teacher
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Miss E MacDonald  

Key Stage 3:

Not applicable

Key Stage 4:

In our BTEC Level 2 course, we investigate essential aspects of Health and Social Care. In the Level 2 course, we offer in the first instance the Award (4 units) and upon achievement of this, progression to the Certificate (8 units). The course consists of ¾’s coursework units and ¼ exam units which means it involves constant hard work of a high quality, together with creativity and a passion to make a difference.

Key Stage 5:

In our BTEC Level 3 course, we offer the L3 National Certificate in HSC (equivalent to 1 AS Level), the L3 National Extended Certificate in HSC (equivalent to 1 A Level), the L3 National Foundation Diploma in HSC (equivalent to 1.5 A Levels), the L3 National Diplomas in HSC (equivalent to 2 A Levels) and L3 National Extended Diploma in HSC (equivalent to 3 A Levels). The smaller courses consist of equally weighted exam and coursework units, whilst the larger courses consist of mainly coursework units with some examinations and externally tested material. As part of the National Diploma, students arrange and carry out 100 hours of work experience. As part of this, they will develop a record of their progress, which is great in supporting future aspirations.


We have one dedicated classroom, with a class set of laptops. Students are also encouraged to use the school's library facilities.


There are a number of opportunities to experience vocational Health and Social Care contexts and developing links with the Stanton Vale School.

There are extra coursework sessions available to support students every lunch in H4F. Extra catch-up sessions can be arranged by speaking with individual teachers.