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Humanities is probably a new subject, and indeed, a new word for many of the students joining The Long Eaton School in Year 7. Humanities is actually a combination of three other subjects; Geography, History and Religious Education.


At The Long Eaton School, Year 7 and 8 students have 7 lessons of Humanities per fortnight. Students learn Geography, History and RE on a rota basis. In our teaching of Humanities, our aim is to foster an understanding of human values and attitudes, past and present and how society is organised, develops and changes.


Subject Staff: 


Mr P Rushton (Curriculum Team Leader)

Mrs S Emmerson

Mrs R Hardie

Miss A Heath

Miss E MacDonald

Mrs L Nicholls

Mrs K Norouzi

Mrs S Smith

Mrs R Cantrill

Mr T Worn

Miss E Yaxley

Miss E Mihaylova


Key Stage 3:


All students in Years 7 and 8 have 7 one hour lessons on Humanities per fortnight. Within this, they learn Geography, History and RE on a rotational basis.


Year 7 Topics
Year 8 Topics
Geography 1 - My Place in the World                                                                               
History 1 – History Skills
History 2 - Roman Britain 
RE 1 – The Island
Geography 2 - The Rainforest 
History 2 – Norman England 
RE 2 – Christianity
Geography 3 – Wildwater
History 3 – Religious Change
RE 3 – Spiritual Expression
Geography 4 – Africa  and the Middle East
RE 4 – Islam 
History 4 - English Civil War
RE 5 - Growing Up
RE 6 - Religion in the Media
Geography 1 – Natural Hazards 
History 1 – Native Americans 
RE 1 – Big Questions 
Geography 2 – Incredible India 
History 2 – Slavery
RE2 - Right &Wrong                                                                                         RE 3 – Making Long Eaton More Respectful                                                                                            
Geography 3 – Exploring the Arctic
History 3 – The First World War
RE 4 – Buddhism
Geography 4 - Discovering China
History 4 - WWII and the Holocaust
RE 5 - Evil and Suffering


As students move into Year 9 they study Geography, History and RE as separate subjects.


Key Stage 4:


Not applicable


Key Stage 5:


Not applicable




There are 7 dedicated Humanities rooms which are fitted with digital projectors. There are also a number of rooms which have interactive whiteboards and 4 rooms are fitted with class sets of laptops which are available for the whole department to use.




Humanities Club is open to all interested Year 7 and 8 students from 3.00pm to 4.00pm on a Thursday. A variety of creative activities take place such as making models of volcanoes and castles, through to art work for local competitions like the Long Eaton Carnival. If you are interested in attending Humanities Club and would like further information, please contact Miss E Mihaylova.