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'The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well' (Alfred Adler, 1870-1937)



The study of Psychology is a systematic, scientific study of human thought and behaviour. Psychologists attempt to describe, understand and predict human behaviour.


The mind is the most complex machine on earth and is the source of our thoughts and behaviour. Psychology is therefore extremely relevant to everyday life. Just some of the things that psychologists look at include child development, mental health problems, perception, emotions, personality, behaviour, memory processes and relationships. Studying Psychology further develops a broad range of skills such as critiquing research and applying Psychology to real life.


At The Long Eaton School, Psychology is taught only in the Sixth Form. The teachers of Psychology use a variety of teaching and learning strategies that aim to stimulate interest in human thought and behaviour.


Subject Staff: 

Miss R Wilson
Miss E MacDonald

Key Stage 3

Not applicable

Key Stage 4:

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Key Stage 5:

Year 12 and 13 students follow the Eduqas A Level course. In Year 12 students have 9 lessons per fortnight and in Year 13 students have 10 lessons per fortnight.
Year 12 students study for the Eduqas AS Level and study two modules: Psychology of Past to Present and Investigating Behaviour.
In Year 13, students will move onto the A Level. Here they will investigate and study the AS modules in more depth and analysis, including carrying out two personal investigations, carrying out two pieces of psychological research and analysing the results. Students will also study a third module: Implications of Psychology in the Real World, covering applications of psychology to behaviours and controversies. 


Psychology is taught in well-resourced Social Sciences classrooms fitted with projectors and access to ICT. There is one designated Psychology room which hosts a wide range of further reading material.
The Long Eaton School library holds numerous Psychology text books. The Psychology Review, a Psychology magazine designed specifically for A Level students, and has recently ordered a number of Psychology reading books to support students with their wider reading for UCAS applications.


The Psychology Department aims to enrich student learning through providing experiences, visits and a range of resources. Revision sessions are provided for students where needed, for example in the lead up to examinations.
There is also a Psychology Club which is open to both Year 12 and 13 students and runs for an hour after school once a week. The club promotes students' independence and gives students the opportunity to develop their wider knowledge and interests in Psychology.