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Religious Education at The Long Eaton School is about much more than learning facts about different religions; it is about every aspect of our lives. All our students from Years 7 to 11 study Religious Education, covering a wide variety of religious, philosophical and ethical topics, where students are encouraged to develop their own conclusions.


In helping our students engage with the issues that Religious Education raises, we use a variety of different strategies. We use lots of discussion, video clips, role-play, ICT and games in our lessons, as well as taking students on trips and welcoming guest speakers to help students to empathise with the views of others and develop clarity and confidence in their own opinion.


Subject Staff: 

Mrs S Emmerson
Miss R Wilson

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 students explore a variety of religious, philosophical and ethical themes through the Humanities programme, such as inspiring people, Christianity and sacred spaces.
Key Stage 4
From Year 9, all students have at least 1 lesson per fortnight where they complete their GCSE RE. Students look at a range of religious, philosophical and ethical issues from Christian, Buddhist and non-religious views and are encouraged to develop their own opinion about these. There are 2 parts to this GCSE, each with an exam paper worth 50% of the final grade and lasting for an hour and a half.

Key Stage 5  


A Level students study the WJEC 'Contemporary Society' and 'Ethics' course. This provides an opportunity for students to consider a range of ethical and religious issues facing individuals and communities deeply, evaluate arguments and develop their own views.

A broad range of topics are explored in this course including Animal Issues, Middle East Conflict, Religion in the Media and the Secularisation of Society.


Religious Education lessons are delivered in specialist Humanities rooms which are all fitted with digital projectors and with easy access to suites of laptops.


A variety of trips are available for students who study Religious Education including a Buddhist monastery, York and a ghost walk in Nottingham.
For students in Years 9 to 13, there are a variety of revision sessions available to provide additional support ahead of exams. Students are informed when sessions are available, but please feel free to contact Mrs Emmerson for specific queries.