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'Who controls the past controls the future:

who controls the present controls the past'

 (George Orwell)









We believe that history is the key to understanding our individual and collective past, an understanding of which is essential for those who will shape the future. History challenges students to enquire and make judgments, whilst deploying a range of evidence to support and justify these opinions. By studying history, students come to understand the cause and consequences of historical events and their impact on the future.  The History Department enjoys great success at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, and as a result has a tradition of students continuing the subjects at degree level.



Subject Staff: 


Mrs L Nicholls - Subject Leader

Mrs R Hardie

Mrs K Norouzi

Mr T Worn


Key Stage 3:


During Years 7 and 8 students develop their historical skills through distinct history units taught as part of the Humanities programme. 


Students explore topics including the Norman iInvasion of England, the impact of religious change on Britain, the Native Americans, The Slave Trade and The Industrial Revolution.


Key Stage 4:


At GCSE students receive 4 hours a fortnight and follow the OCR Modern World course. In Year 9 students are given a foundation course in the twentieth century world to give them a sound chronological understanding of the topics they then go on to study in depth. This includes a study of the First World War, The Second World War and The Holocaust. In Year 10 students complete their independent controlled assessment on Russia, in addition to exploring the role of the Liberal reforms, the Struggle for Female Suffrage and the Nature of Life in Britain during the First World War. In Year 11 students investigate the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles, the fortunes of the League of Nations, the rise of Hitler and the impact on life in Germany and the steps taken which led to the Second World War. 


Key Stage 5:


At AS students receive 9 hours a fortnight and follow the OCR 'A' Level History course. They complete two units; one exploring the Cold War in Europe 1945-1990 (F962B) and the second investigating the Mid Tudor Crisis 1536 - 1569 (F963A). At A2 students receive 10 hours a fortnight. During the year students complete a course examining the Tudor Rebellions 1485-1603 (F966A), in addition to completing two pieces of coursework on the Nazis and the Holocaust (F965).




The History Department has three dedicated classrooms which have projectors, in addition to standard whiteboards. The department also has regular access to laptops and interactive whiteboards.




The History Department offers a range of after-school revision and catch-up sessions for students to support them with their own learning. These are provided by history staff at various times of the year as appropriate, primarily for Key Stage 4 and 5 students.


The History Department also offers a range of opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom. This has included visits to London museums, attendance at revision conferences and overseas residential visits to the Ypres Battlefields.