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Welcome to Design Technology

Technology is a vibrant and challenging area of the curriculum, one where students can draw on their knowledge and skills gained in most other subjects. They can then apply them in a real world context through design and activity. Technology explores the design process from establishing a need and writing a brief, through to the planning and manufacturing of a tangible product. Throughout the process, students are encouraged to evaluate their own and others' work and suggest ways to improve.


Students should approach their design work with a creative mind, looking to manufacture quality products that show part of the creator's personality. Students are also led to reflect on the environmental and social impacts of their designs, considering the sustainability of the materials and ingredients they are using and how their ideas would be received by a variety of cultures.


Subject Staff:


  • Mr E Dickinson

  • Miss R Brown

  • Mrs A Byrne

  • Mr J Elrick 

  • Miss G Rowell 

  • Miss A Shawyer 

  • Mr L Hunt 




The faculty has well equipped and modern technology classrooms with specialised machinery including: Laser Cutter, CNC Cutter, Photoshop, 2D Design, Pro-Desktop, Lathes, Brazing/Welding (heat treatment) and powered tables.



The department runs catch-up sessions during lunchtimes and after school to support student and help them to meet GCSE coursework and homework deadlines.


Key Stage 3:

Throughout KS3 students rotate around the different strands of Technology, including Food, Resistant Materials, Electronics, Graphics and Technical Drawing. By experiencing the full range of disciplines, students are able to explore their strengths and build life skills that will stay with them beyond school. Students also develop a sense of where they would like to focus their learning in later years.

Food Technology:

All pupils study Food Technology. Pupils learn a wide range of practical and organisational skills enabling them to produce high-quality food products which meet nutritional targets and promote good health.


Technology is a rapidly developing area and electronic products place a key role is this project. Students are able to understand the role of different components such as resistors, LEDs and diodes to create functional items such as Fuse testers and display equipment.

Resistant Materials:

Using hand tools and machines to develop wood and metal based projects is a key part of any technology course. Students are able to use a range of tools and materials to develop projects such as a personalised bookend.


Students develop a range of drawing skills such as lettering, one and two point perspective, rendering, and isometric drawing techniques to enable them to be able to express design ideas in other Technology areas.

Technical Drawing:

Formal techniques to allow students to communicate information effectively, as the most valuable of these is engineering or technical drawing. Focusing on using drawing equipment accurately, student learn how to practice drawing in three dimensions with Isometric and orthographic projections.


Key Stage 4:

The Technology Department currently offers the following courses at KS4.
  • OCR GCSE Graphic Products

  • OCR GCSE Electronic Products

  • OCR GCSE Food Technology

  • BTEC First Award in Engineering

  • BTEC First Award in Construction and the Built Environment