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OCR GCSE Electronic Products: Systems and Controls - students considering this course confident in their mathematic knowledge, as due to the nature of some examination questions and the demands of the controlled assessments. This course teaches students about a wide range of electrical components and how they are used, alongside the associated theory and formulae. Once the basic knowledge has been covered, students are then stretched and challenged to create circuits using these components, before designing and making their own quality products from scratch.


Course Content

Two design–and-make projects; students investigate and develop a range of electronic products, such as an alarm system and make a supporting design folder. The controlled assessment is approx. 45 hours and making up 60% of the total marks.


The written paper makes up 40% of the total marks it is one paper with two sections:


  • A design question with some research before the exam.

  • A synoptic paper covering all aspects of the specification.