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Calke Abbey

Calke is made up of both staff and students from across the school community. As a house we compete in a range of activities to collect house points in an attempt to win the annual House Cup. These activities including sports tournaments, creative challenges and curriculum projects as well as large whole school events like Challenge Day and Sports Day.

Calke Abbey

A local National Trust property was the inspiration for our house identities. Calke Abbey as it stands today was completed in 1704, however the site was first used by 12th century monks and later following the dissolution as an Elizabethan Manor House. Calke is now preserved as a stately home in decline with treasures from past decades fillings its rooms.  The Harpur-Crewe family who lived in the house since 1704 were interested in Natural History which each having their own particular collection of shells, rocks, birds, and animals.

Head of House

Mrs Nicholls is responsible for the organisation of Calke. We have assemblies throughout the year to keep you informed about forthcoming events and competitions.  We have a House board in the Social Area where you can keep up to date with the house points, teams and events. Mrs Nicholls Cust teaches history and has been working at The Long Eaton School since 2006. She is a trained archaeologist and has been on Time Team! She also enjoys playing the oboe in the School Concert Band.  

How can I get involved?

Heads of House expect that all students get involved in activities on Challenge Day. You can help collect stamps and credits in lessons which are converted to house points, represent your house by playing in a team, compete in curriculum projects or as an individual at Sports Day.

You are also invited to apply to be a House Captain or help organise Challenge Day by sitting on the School Council.

House Captains

Calke has 10 House Captains each year from across Years 7-11. They have responsibility for organising Calke's teams for competitions. We also have two Senior House Captains from the sixth form who help Heads of House organise whole school events like Challenge Day and Sports Day.