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Student Voice

It is fundamental to student's education that their opinions and views are valued by all, which is why student voice is so important.

A key focus of the Citizenship lessons delivered at Key Stage 3 and 4, as part of the Life Skills programme, is to develop an understanding of the role citizens can take within the political and justice systems in the UK.

Year Council representatives are democratically elected by students during Life Skills lessons in the autumn term each year, as part of this programme of study. Each form group elects a Form Rep and a Deputy Form Rep who stand in post until the end of the academic year.

Year Council meetings are held regularly and students are encouraged to gain the views and opinions of other students in their form and also to raise any issues that the rest of their form may have at these meetings.

With regular feedback through the Year Council, we can be sure that students do feel that they are valued and that they have the ability to bring about change within their school community. It is also the opportunity for all students to understand what it means to part of a truly democratic society.