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Year 9


Year 9 is an increasingly important year for students as they are now part of Key stage 4 and will begin GCSE preparation in many subject areas. It is the year to begin thinking seriously about the future therefore there is a focus on careers and further education. Students will begin to think about choices made that will directly influence their lives. It is imperative that students now build on the foundations laid during Years 7 and 8 and look ahead to the next phase of their personal and academic lives.

Rewards and Trips

If students behave and engage well in their lessons, students have the opportunity to attend trips and days out. Reward trips which have happened in previous years include Bowling, Star City and ice skating amongst others.

All of these rewards are decided by the Year 9 Student Council who decide what rewards they would like and also how they should be allocated.

Year 9 Life Skills

All students study 'Life Skills' lessons which are delivered by tutors. The lessons cover a variety of topics and take place during Wednesday period 4 of each week. One of the highlights which all students take part in is the Community Project aimed at providing students with a way to contribute in a positive manner to the local community.

The Community Project

All students in Year 9 will take part in a fantastic Community Project aimed at encouraging young people to contribute in a positive manner to their local community.

The group project will be chosen by students depending on their interests and the issues they feel are most important in the local community. The action that students decide to take can be anything from fundraising to starting a petition, contacting the local MP or the Council, holding a debate or simply raising awareness about the issue. The aim for all groups is to make a change in the community that benefits other people. There will be an opportunity for students to showcase their work to the rest of the school and the community later in the year.