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A Level Press Release

In what are the strangest of times, students at the Long Eaton School have today received their A level results and found out whether they will progress on to their chosen course and institution. Having not sat exams this year, I have no doubt students were incredibly anxious and wary of what lay in store for them, particularly given the media attention the awarding of grades has received.


We are exceptionally proud of all of our students and the outcomes they have achieved, but also with the exceptional maturity they have shown in the way they have conducted themselves throughout this period.


Students have coped exceptionally well,  against the back drop of a global pandemic, not being educated on site since late March and not having the ability to sit the exams they had been working for over a year and a half. In not sitting exams, we are very clear that this cohort, and the current year 11, have missed out more than any other in not having the ability to evidence all of their hard work and control their own destiny.  They have also not had the opportunity to say farewell to their peers and teachers, many of whom they have worked with for nearly 7 years.


The awarding of grades and associated methodology has received a lot of media attention. We are thrilled with the vast majority of grades our students have received and the destinations this has permitted them to progress on to. Like previous years, we have students leaving us to pursue a wide range of courses. These include Computer Games Programming, Nursing, Philosophy and Politics, Maths, Bioengineering, Physics, Construction, Journalism, Languages and the Arts. Likewise, an equally diverse range of universities across the country including Oxford, Warwick, Loughborough, Birmingham, Derby, Lincoln, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham Trent , Manchester and Kings College London.


Like all schools, we will be supporting those students who are not happy with their awarded result through the appeals process and will offer students the opportunity to re-take in the Autumn, where it is appropriate.


Finally, I’d like to once again congratulate all of our students on their hard work and dedication, as well as the results they achieved. We wish them every success in the future and look forward to hearing about their endeavours and hopefully welcoming them back in to school at some point in the future.


Richard Peel


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