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GCSE Press Release

Following the release of A level results last week, students at the Long Eaton School have today received their GCSE results. To say the release of these results has received media attention is something of an understatement. We are all aware of the unprecedented global events that have preceded the award of results this year, but I have no doubt that the confusion of the last week regarding the awarding of grades has only added to the stress and anxiety felt by many.


We are thrilled that students will be awarded the grades determined by their teachers based on students hard work and effort over the last 3 years, we are confident that these awarded grades are a fair reflection of this. Students have achieved some outstanding results that will facilitate their entry to their chosen post 16 provider, be that our own Sixth Form, a local College or apprenticeship. These results will also ensure our students progress with a strong foundation on which to build as they progress through the next stage of their education and into employment.  


Having not sat exams this year, we are exceptionally proud of all of our students and the outcomes they have achieved but also with the exceptional maturity they have shown in the way they have conducted themselves throughout this period. This cohort have experienced challenges like no other, they missed their final few months of schooling, didn’t sit examinations or get the chance to say farewell to their teachers or peers, many of whom they will have studied alongside for 5 years. I really feel for the students and these missed opportunities but also look forward to welcoming back many of them into the Sixth Form and hopefully a return to some degree of normality. I am confident with the results they have received students have the foundation to be successful in the next steps of their education and lives and I very much look forward to hearing of their future achievements.


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