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Health & Safety Advice re Site Transport Safety

We have been advised by the Local Authority's Health & Safety Exec of the following:

School site transport safety

A prosecution following the conclusion of an HSE investigation highlights the risks associated with school transport and vehicle movements on site.  Tragically a fifteen-year-old boy was killed when he was struck by a minibus on his way to catch his bus at the end of the school day.  Bridgend County Borough Council was fined £300,000.  For more information please visit the HSE Website.

This case highlights the need to regularly review risk assessments and arrangements for vehicle movements on school sites and revisit them when circumstances change.  Schools should seek to ensure that sites are organised to separate pedestrians from vehicles and that pathways and routes reflect "desire lines” - the routes most people will choose to take.  It is particularly important that schools have systems in place for reporting near misses to inform improvements and monitor their control measures to ensure that they remain effective.  Staff with responsibilities for planning, assessing risk and managing transport movements on site should be sufficiently supported, trained and competent to do so. Further guidance can be found on theHSE website. 

We regularly ask parents in cars to ensure they drop off and collect their children away from the school gates, and unless they have a Pass, NOT to bring their cars onto the school car park. Students' safety is paramount and we ask that all parents/visitors to the school ensure they drive safely on the school site and surrounding area.






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