Balloon Launch

Published: 29th June 2017

On the morning of Wednesday 28th June at 9.33am The Long Eaton School launched a high altitude balloon with the aim of reaching an altitude of around 32,000m. On board was a series of egg-speriments from TLES and local primary students, as well as two trackers, a black box, a camera to record footage of the flight and our Balloon Commander Wicket.

Unfortunately since landing, our trackers are unresponsive and out of range of mobile signal. The predicted landing site was the Matlock area of Derbyshire. The payload is an orange (or white if the paint has washed off) polystyrene box with a laminated contact card, all attached to a red parachute.

If anyone happens to spot this, please don’t hesitate to contact The Long Eaton School on 0115 973 2438 or tweet us on @tlesphysics.

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