Tips for French Mock Exam

Published: 14th November 2017


 In the run up to your mock exams I have set you SAM Learning activities on all of the topics which may come up in your French listening and reading mocks. All your French mock exams will be during the last week of November (that's two weeks away).

You need to learn some key phrases by heart for your writing exam. There is a very simple way of getting high grades:

Answers all the bullet points of the question

  1. Include as many tenses as you can
  2. Write to the word limit (4 or 9 sentences for Foundation, 9 or 15 sentences for Higher)

This week, learn the following phrases: 


Grade 4: opinions like j'aime/j'adore (I like/I love), hier je suis allé(e) (yesterday I went)

Grade 5: add in future: demain je vais aller (tomorrow I am going to go)

Grade 6: add in conditional: je voudrais (I would like)

Grade 7: add in imperfect: c’était = it was, j'étais (I was)

Grade 8: add a complex phrase: si je pouvais, j'irais (if I could, I would go)

Grade 9: add subjunctive: il faut qu'on fasse (it is necessary that we must)


Don't forget French clinic is on every Tuesday after school and look out for this week's Vivo competition!

Bon travail,

Madame Knowles

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