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Weekly Bulletin (16 May)

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Year 11 GCSE Exams


Year 11 GCSE exams began on Monday and students have handled these very well so far. All of the staff at TLES wish Year 11 the best of luck. A reminder that Year 11's final school day is Thursday 23 May - from Friday 24 May, students are only required to be in school for exams and arranged revision sessions.


Year 10 GCSE RE Exam


Congratulations to our Year 10 RE students who took their first RE exam on Monday. They have conducted themselves with great maturity and wish them all the best for their next RE exam.


Year 8- Kayleigh’s Love Story


Yesterday, Year 8 watched Kayleigh’s Love Story as part of Life Skills. This was a film, activities and discussion on the subject of the dangers of on line grooming, and all as part of our continued commitment to educate students around child sexual exploitation. Leicestershire Police commissioned the film and has now made it available to all forces in the UK to use in Schools. In making the film, they consulted widely, both locally and nationally, with CEOP, with head teachers, and with CSE practitioners across the partnership landscape. Upon their advice, the film has been deemed suitable to be shown to 11-year-olds and upwards, provided those screenings take place in controlled circumstances, with police officers, social workers and or other practitioners present at screenings, to answer questions, to manage reaction and possible disclosure, and to provide advice and information about on line safety.


Child Sexual Exploitation is a highly sensitive subject and every care has been taken to ensure that the production was hard-hitting and relevant without being graphic or offensive.  The issues were raised and discussed in a manner entirely relevant and suitable for the target age group.


With high profile cases around the country and within our own locality currently making the news on a regular basis, it is all of our duties to raise awareness of this subject.  Councils, charities, support agencies, schools, parents and carers all need to engage with and acknowledge this issue in order to give young people the tools and knowledge that they need to keep themselves and their friends safe. 


The Long Eaton School Safeguarding staff, Mrs Harrowing and Mrs Coxon were present for the film and will be available to support students in school should they need them.


One thing that came out of the session was that many students have friends online who they do not know. Please could you discuss this with your child/ren.


Year 7 Tutor Evening


Thank you to all who attended our Year 7 tutor evening last week. If you have any questions/concerns, then please get in touch with the school.


Year 10 History Trip


To support the Elizabeth I unit of the GCSE course, we are organising a visit to Hardwick Hall on Wednesday 5 June 2019. The visit is designed to support students in preparation for the final GCSE unit on Elizabeth I. This is a unique opportunity to help students visualise an aspect of history which is somewhat removed from our modern experience.  The visit will follow a tailored programme delivered by the education team at Hardwick Hall, including a guided tour of the property with a focus on life during the Elizabethan period.  The cost of this visit is £15. Students can secure their places via the school comms app or via student services.



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