Remote Learning

Our remote learning largely takes the form of live lessons and live elements of lessons where students are taught the same content as would be during the normal school year. Staff have adapted this content to make it appropriate for online teaching to ensure that our students don't miss out on any learning time.

 Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents can be found in this document.

Live Lessons 

Our live offer of teaching takes place via Microsoft Teams (details of how to login are in the support and guidance section) and follows the same structure and timetable as the normal school day. All students should expect to have 300 minutes of learning time (in KS3/4) spread between 3-5 lessons a day. 

Lessons will range from a live introduction of the work followed by support for the remainder of the lesson to full 100 minute live lessons and will follow the usual curriculum that would normally be taught in school.

Our expectations of students- Ready, Respectful, Safe.

When teaching online, our expectations of students are the same as we'd expect in our usual lessons: Ready, Respectful, Safe.

Be Ready to learn:

  • Attendance and punctuality- Attendance in online lessons is compulsory and we expect students to arrive in the lobby at the start time for their lesson. 
  • Follow instructions- Students should follow their teachers' instructions eg turn on cameras, mute the microphone, blur the background, contribute to the lesson and submit their work at the end of the lesson.
  • Be independent and resilient- If students are struggling to access the lessons or work, they should contact their teacher or Head of Year who will be able to help them.

Be Respectful:

  • Behave appropriately- All lessons are recorded and all chats are kept. Students can still earn positive and negative points as normal in their lessons and communication with home will be had if students fall below our expectations.

Be Safe:

  •  Be sensible online- Keeping passwords private, only speaking to people you know online and only accessing appropriate sites. 














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