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Student Life


Our students are provided with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to support both their academic and personal development during their time in the Sixth Form. All students are strongly encouraged to embrace a variety of activities based within curriculum areas, as well as social and cultural domains that will allow them to enjoy new experiences and develop new skills. Our enrichment program is designed to give our students new skills and experiences that will allow them to develop as learners, and as people.


Student leadership is an important part of life in the Sixth Form. All of our Sixth Form students are encouraged to complete the Senior Student Leadership and Service Award (SSLSA), where individuals adopt specific roles within the school, tailored to their own strengths and future ambitions, and provide a valuable service to the school community. These roles exist inside curriculum areas and whole school events, as well as some extending their roles to service in the local and national community groups.


Each week, our students dedicate time to the study of an enrichment subject are of their choice. Choosing from a list of subjects including the EPQ qualification, General Studies, Sports Leaders, World Development, Mandarin or Italian, and Young Enterprise, our students are able to choose their own enrichment pathway, to suit their learning styles and future pathways. Some students may also undertake Open University short courses through the Science Department.


Within the Sixth Form, the Team 16+ group represents the student body and play an active role in the development of provision. This representative body provides a voice for students and is responsible for an extensive programme of extra-curricular, social and fundraising activities that enhance the Sixth Form experience.


All of these activities reflect our holistic ethos, and regardless of students' personal interests, there is an opportunity for everyone that will help and support the development of leadership skills and of the Global Citizen.