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University Applications/Careers

All of our students are supported in their preparation for the next step beyond the Sixth Form.

Making the correct decisions about the future pathways for students is a very important process that starts early in Yr 12. Students spend significant time with their own tutors establishing their future pathways, and preparing a plan to lead them to that. Early preparation of personal statements and an understanding of the processes involved are critical.


With the help of the tutors, students find opportunities within the school to help them develop the appropriate skills necessary for future applications.


For those going on to study at University, students are guided closely by the tutors through the university application process with UCAS, as are those who are not looking towards university study but making applications for apprenticeships and for employment.


Throughout this process, we recognise the importance of supporting parents at this time. A special presentation is given to parents at the beginning of the year to explain the processes involved. And throughout the year, the Achievement Leader and tutors are always on hand to provide advice and answer questions to parents at any time.