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The term Biology means the study of all living things.  Life seems so simple, but it is actually very complex.  Seeing that you are alive, it is a very important subject for you, as it helps you understand how your genes make you the person you are.  Biology helps to explain how your body works by explaining processes such as respiration, digestion, ventilation, circulation and reproduction, this is fascinating stuff. In this subject you will get the opportunity to discuss controversial subjects such as climate change, IVF treatment and genetic engineering.  Have you ever wondered why a zebra has stripes or considered how plants stay alive?  Can you say for certain if a virus is living or dead?  Life is full of questions and Biology tries to answer them!

‘A’ Level Biology is a fantastic opportunity to develop both important practical skills and scientific knowledge. ‘A’ level Biology will enable you to develop the confidence and key skills which will open up doors and opportunities for you in the future. The course follows the AQA specification and students have 5 hours a week of taught lessons.

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