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The study of Geography is perhaps more relevant than ever. Geographical issues such as globalisation, climate change, fair trade, migration, local development, changes in towns and the countryside, natural disasters and the environment affect our everyday lives. The Geography curriculum aims to raise awareness and understanding of these challenging issues that face young people today. Geography further develops a broad range of skills in real world contexts, so that students see wider relevance in their education and can make well informed decisions in the future. A key role of Geography in school today is preparing young people to be global citizens.

At The Long Eaton School Geography is taught using a variety of teaching and learning strategies that aim to stimulate interest in our world including enquiry, decision making and field work beyond the class room.

Key Stage 5:

A Level Geography follows the Edexcel Geography specification. In Year 12 students will study topics including Tectonic Hazards, Globalisation and Glaciation. In Year 13 students will conduct a piece of independent coursework (NEA), as well as studying topics such as the Water Cycle and Water Insecurity, Superpowers, Energy Insecurity and Global Development.

The Year 12 course includes a residential visit – this year to North Wales. This prepares students for the NEA buy showing them how to plan and structure a geographical investigation, as well as giving them ideas on how they could collect their own data. Students will then be expected to conduct their own independent fieldwork towards the end of Year 12 in order to complete their own NEA.

The A Level is assessed through three exams at the end of Year 13, as well as the NEA.

Component Topics Length Mark %
1 Physical Geography

o         Tectonic processes and hazards

o         Glaciated landscapes

o         Carbon Cycle and Energy Insecurity

o         Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

2 hr 15 /105 30
2 Human Geography

o         Globalisation

o         Diverse Places

o         Superpower Geography

o         Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

2 hr 15 /105 30
3 Synoptic Paper

This unit assess the key synoptic themes that run through the course of

–          Players (Stakeholders)

–          Actions and Attitudes

–          Futures and uncertainties

2 hr 15 /70 20
  NEA This is a 2000- 3000 word investigation through which students will investigate an element of the course. N/A /70 20

The department also have a twitter page(@TLESGeography) that students can follow to be updated on geography in the news and events in the department.

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