CDI Framework & Gatsby Benchmarks

The Long Eaton School aligns our Careers Strategy to the CDI (Careers Development Institute) Framework (2021). It identifies six learning areas that Career Programmes and Intervention should focus on:









The Long Eaton School’s Careers Curriculum is based around these 6 learning areas, with each Year group having a half term dedicated to each area. The main purpose of the CDI’s Career Development Framework is to clarify the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that individuals need to have a positive career. A ‘positive career’ will mean something different to everyone, but it will typically include being happy with the way you spend your time, being able to contribute to your community and being able to have a decent standard of living.

The Gatsby Benchmarks (2014) are a framework of 8 principles that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges.

How the benchmarks are implemented in The Long Eaton School is described below…

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