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At The Long Eaton School, we are passionate about ensuring that each and every one of our students fulfil their potential academically and is delivered a curriculum that supports this and their personal development. We aim to develop independent learners with transferable skills which can be applied to both their future studies and wider lives; ensuring our students are prepared for the outside world and go on to make a positive contribution to society.

We are a community school, and our students know that they are part of an organization that has their best interests at heart and one that will support them in planning and preparing for their future. We have close relationships with all stakeholders in our community, which includes parents, governors, primary feeder schools and local sporting and charitable organizations. It is through developing these positive relationships that we know our students not only feel part of this community but engage and are able to positively contribute to it.

In February of 2021 the school joined Archway Learning Trust, The Archway vision of ‘working together, transforming lives’ naturally aligns with our vision and values at The Long Eaton School. Through our collaborative work with the trust, we are committed to Transforming Lives, Empowering Students by ensuring our vision and values are embedded in all aspects of our school life.

I very much look forward to welcoming students and their families to the school and to working closely with you over the next 7 years.

Primary Schools

We have a close relationship with our local primary schools:

  • Dovedale Primary School
  • Brooklands Primary School
  • Sawley Junior School
  • St Laurence Primary School
  • Shardlow Primary School
  • English Martyrs’ Primary School
  • Grange Primary School
  • Harrington Primary School

After National Offer Day in March, we begin a comprehensive liaison programme. We aim to meet every child, in each primary school. By working closely with our primary colleagues, we try to ensure that the individual needs of students are identified and met at an early stage.

Primary School Visits

These are an essential part of the transition process from primary school to The Long Eaton School. Our transition lead visits the feeder primary schools following our open evening to answer any initial questions. Students from our feeder schools or those identified with SEN are visited at their own primary school by a member of The Long Eaton School staff. This gives the opportunity for students to ask questions and discuss any concerns before their transition days and for staff to meet with their primary teachers. We will always visit children from Brooklands Primary School, Dovedale Primary School, Sawley Junior School, Shardlow Primary School, and St Laurence Primary School; however, we aim to meet every child, in each primary school where logistically possible.

 Transition Days (Dates TBC)

Students will come to visit The Long Eaton School for two days during the summer term to begin to familiarize themselves with the site, key staff, and those students in their tutor group.

Transition Evening (Dates TBC)

Students will be able to visit The Long Eaton School with their parents/carers in order to hear important messages from our Principal, meet their form tutor, and also purchase uniform and equipment.

Curriculum with Enrichment

All our Year 7 students work later on a Thursday than the rest of the school. This is very deliberate, and our Enrichment Programme means that for 1 hour each week, students take part in a range of activities that they have selected from, sports, the arts, crafts, or STEM. We make sure that they have specialist staff, facilities, and support to not just experience the tasks, but develop belief in themselves as learners and belief in the friendships that they make to support them on their journey through The Long Eaton School

Meet The Tutor (Autumn Half Term )

The final transition event for students and their parents is our Meet the Tutor evening in the first half term. The dates for this will be confirmed close to the time, parents and carers will have the opportunity to book an appointment to discuss their child’s transition and how they have settled into life at The Long Eaton School.

Key Staff

In addition to the videos mentioned above, you can also visit the Who’s Who section of our see our Senior Leadership Team, Pastoral Staff and Subject Leaders.

Student Support is a department at The Long Eaton School that offers targeted support to help and educate young people socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Our Positive Outcomes Department at The Long Eaton School offers targeted support to help and educate young people with special education needs.

Tutor Groups (Current Year 7)

CAL – Mr M Donas Salinas

CAE – Miss S Mills

CHL – Mr P Tam

CHE – Mr C Beardmore

HAL – Miss L Clarke

HAE – Mr S Neilson

SUL – Mr T Pitsillos

SUE – Mrs A Webb

Transition Materials

We have prepared some material for your child to complete before they join us in September. Copies will be provided on transition days in June. You can also find digital copies of this material here:

Transition Booklet 2022 [Website]

If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Associate Assistant Principal with responsibility for Transition, Ant Fox (

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