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Here at The Long Eaton School, our sixth form students and staff form a small and close community. At our core is the wellbeing and pastoral support of our students. We know our students and when the time comes, we provide the support and guidance necessary, working closely with parents.

Our students also receive excellent academic support from tutors and teachers. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, our students are guided towards their potential and their aspirations. Our mission is that our students leave us as global citizens, and that they will go on to make an efficacious contribution to the communities in which they live. They embody our values of Respect, Ambition, Academic Excellence and Community.

Here you can read testimonials about the experiences of parents, reflecting upon their time as parents of students in the TLES 16+ community.

Parent Testimonials

Year 12 Parent

“My daughter’s intention was never to go to Long Eaton Sixth Form as in her words she desperately wanted to get away from school, it had come to light when she was in year 11 that she was struggling with more than the GCSE pressure. However due to the pandemic and not being able to sit her exams, she found herself with little choice, we now feel this was perhaps the best option for her. From that first contact with Mr Caton after results day to the present day we could not ask any more of the support she has received so far.

She has not found any of it easy, having to change her mind set to be back at school, not taking the A Levels she had hoped for and battling her personal struggles she seems to be doing ok academically. Mentally she seemed to be managing okay in the first term, had a job that worked around school hours perfectly then by the end of October she had lost her hours at work due to COVID. After this and into the 2nd lockdown we became increasingly worried about her, I raised it with my sons tutor when she rang for the well-being checks and she instantly started the ball rolling. Within hours, Emma from 16+ pastoral rang me, she rang regularly during lockdown, although I haven’t spoken to her form tutor directly, I know he has spoken to her both online and in person. The support from her teachers means she seems to be making positive progress. We have good weeks and bad weeks but in my mind going to Long Eaton Sixth Form has been the best thing she could have done, I am more than happy with the support from both teachers and pastoral. I know if we as parents have any concerns the school as a whole is always approachable and supportive.”

Parent 2020 Leaver

“Choosing to continue her education at TLES Sixth Form was a positive choice and indeed the right choice for our daughter. Her subject teachers provided outstanding learning experiences; they were highly knowledgeable in their particular field and transferred a passion for their subject into the classroom. Teachers took the time to get to know her as a young person building extremely caring and positive relationships with her and this was combined with outstanding pastoral care from her tutor and Head of Sixth Form. As a result she simply loved learning at TLES Sixth Form and what more could a parent want. In terms of life after A levels, there was a superb guidance programme to ensure our daughter’s final choice of universities and courses was well informed. UCAS support was timely and personalised with excellent advice and support for writing her personal statement.

Sixth Form was the time our daughter truly found her niche; it deepened her love for learning that we’ve no doubt she’ll build upon at university. At TLES she’s had the best of opportunities and her time studying in the Sixth Form has opened up endless possibilities for her future.”

Year 13 Parent

“From a parent’s perspective, my experience of The Long Eaton School Sixth Form is certainly a favourable one. I have two children who have flourished throughout their time in the sixth form, a son now studying at the University of Nottingham and a daughter currently in year 13. The guidance, time and support offered to my daughter when she was unsure of her initial A Level choices was exemplary and much appreciated, she has since embraced her subjects and looks forward to meeting her conditional grades for her chosen University. I can speak very highly of the leadership team and the time they invest in their students both academically and pastorally.”

Year 13 Parent

“Deciding on a 6th form journey isn’t always an easy task. For my daughter with an uncommon medical condition, it was an even more difficult decision to make. We needed to know she would be supported and encouraged by the school/college she attended. For us Long Eaton School was the only one we considered, as my daughter had previously attended secondary there.

My daughter’s journey through 6th form has been tough. Not only with her health issues but also with lockdown, and studying from home. I cannot press enough though the immense support and guidance the teachers in 6th form have given in the past 18 months. My daughter’s medical condition is probably the first the school have ever come across, they have listened, adapted and supported beyond what I expected.

Our main concern initially was would my daughter be able to complete two years of 6th form, given she loses a lot of time studying. Would she be able to achieve good grades to enable her to attend a university! The answer is yes! Long Eaton school assisted her every step of the way, and with just a few weeks left they continue to give their all in their support. My daughter starts University in September, and I could not be more proud of her. But I also couldn’t be more proud and appreciative of the teachers too.”

Parent 2020 Leaver

“I have two daughters, one of whom is currently in Year 11, and one who left sixth form to study at university in September 2020.

My eldest daughter has just left the sixth form, having also been through the main school. She really benefitted from a strong relationship with her teachers through the school before moving into sixth form. It made the transition so much easier for her and her teachers already knew her very well. She thoroughly enjoyed acting as a role model for some of the students in the main school in a drama capacity, along with her other sixth form peers, who she had also been through the main school with. The class sizes were also small which was very beneficial. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time in sixth form both academically and socially, and her qualifications and skills gained have set her up for a great future going into adulthood.

My youngest daughter should be starting sixth form in September, and is looking forward to the convenience of being able to travel locally to continue her studies. Again she already knows the teachers, who she is hoping to work with in her further studies. Some of her friends should also be going up to sixth form with her, which helps her personally as she has developed strong friendships through school. All of these factors make this transition easier for her in continuing her further studies.”

Year 13 Parent

“My daughter transitioned from TLES Year 11 into TLES 6th Form unit, so while there were a number of existing relationships in place with staff members there were also new ones that needed to be established. While her time there was against a back-drop of change and challenge due to the Covid pandemic, we also had some external matters to deal with that were personal to us and required a different focus.

Despite the concerns faced for the whole unit due to the pandemic, the Leadership & Pastoral team at the 6th Form Unit were open to engaging in a conversation with us to understand the issue we faced and review the extra support and consideration needed in our situation; we were able to have open and honest conversations to ensure that the appropriate plans and mitigations could be made and that future check-points were put in place. As a parent it definitely felt like the relationship moved from a pull to one of a shared responsibility to enable my daughter to complete her studies in a safe & structured manner so that she was offered the fullest opportunity to achieve her ambitions.

The staff at the unit are not mind readers, and as a parent you do need to reach out to them in the first instance, but once you do that you are met with a team of professionals who are more than willing to work with you to ensure the students are given the best support possible to achieve their aims – the old adage of if you don’t ask you don’t get definitely applies to building these relationships, it is a two way thing.”

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